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280.  I'm not registered with the VA.  How do I access military base to shop?

281.  Can I see a Vet Center counselor if I'm not enrolled with the VA?

282.  Should I get a Will or Living Trust?

283.  I heard that if you fill an additional claim, that your time will be re-evaluated to the new date.  Is this true?

284.  Can someone who only has a 50% Disability get on base, and use facilities?

285.  What would be available if I moved to subgroup g?

286.  Can the VA help me get a new car?

287.  How do I apply for the payment for the STDs I am rated for?

288.  Does anyone have any suggestions to my qualifications for disability benefits for the eyesight?

289.  Should I send in addional claims information or wait for results from VA?

290.  What can the VA do to help me after my divorce?

291.  I'm a senior citizen.  Do I qualify for property tax exemption or some kind of Tax relief?

292.  Will the VA take away my benefits for missing medical appointments?

293.  Will my wife lose her benefits if she lives with a man?

294.  Does the VA only support vets living stateside?

295.  Am I eligible for SMC?

296.  Where can I find a copy of this decision [denying compensation for his Leukemia] or tell me where I might find this citation?

297.  Is there any possibility I can get help from the VA with my co-payments?

298.  If I am IU (individual employability) can I make some money day trading?

299.  Why isn't that 9 billon dollars given to us vets as compensation?

300.  Should I get a new eval and get a real 100%?

301.  Is it true that all veterans who apply for VA benefits will be considered service-connected in 2020?

302.  I have been turned down for benefits. Who can help me?

303.  What can I do to quickly resolve this problem?

304.  How do I re-open an old claim?

305.  Is there a faster way to process a disability claim?

306.  Can I put in a SMC claim for partial organ removal?

307.  Can I stop the VA from assigning me a fiduciary?

308.  Can I go back in and justifiably ask for compensation based on 1996?

309.  What steps or hoops do I have to go through to get my wife medical services through the VA?

310.  What can I do or how should I handle this?

311.  What do I need to do to get hearing aids?

312.  Does Lowe’s still honor it veterans with a 10% discount on all purchase including sale items?

313.  Who carries more weight?

314.  Does anyone know if this is true?

315.  What is the approximate compensation when new law goes into effect in '20?

316.  If I apply for S DVI Insurance, will I be responsible for the premium?

317.  Who are the people causing the delay in the VA?

318.  Who can I contact to get a back pay over payment fixed?

319.  Am I mandated to report my employment status to the VA?

320.  Is the VA cheating me?

321.  Is there a difference between Permanent and Total or Total and Permanent?

322.  Lungs hurt badly.  Anybody heard of this condition?

323.  I am reluctant to file.  I need your suggestions.

324.  Is there any cost of moving help available?

325.  Social security rated me 100%.  Should I be 100% with the VA?

326.  Anyone else have a loved one commit suicide after having the VA doctor take away their pain medication?

327.  Is there someone we can connect with that is willing to give us some help?

328.  Can cataract surgery be a secondary condition related to Agent Orange with no history of diabetes?

329.  How long do I have to be 100%, before my wife will be eligible for any of that at my death?

330.  I can’t get a job because of my dementia. Why can't I get compensation from the VA?

331.  Do veterans diagnosed with PTSD have to turn in their guns?

332.  How do I get an increase in Social Security benefits?

333.  How do I get the Bronze Star I earned?

334.  Does the VA offer any assistance with helping veterans increase their credit score?

335.  Is a veteran who served in Vietnam and now has (Aphasia) entitled to benefits for this illness?

336.  Will I be eligible for VA compensation when I apply years later?

337.  Is it true VA investigators secretly record veterans?

338.  Would the VA have to give me back pay?

339.  I want to know why severe gout is not an Agent Orange condition?

340.  Should I resubmit my disability claims?

341.  What’s the amount our Government paid out and still paying out to the Vietnamese people due to Agent Orange diseases?

342.  Can I get rating for the high blood pressure and would it be enough to get me to 100 percent?

343.  I wonder if he could get compensation for it? 

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