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Q318:  I think the VA over paid me back pay.  Who can I contact to get this fixed? 

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A1:  Contact the Regional VA office in your state tell the operator to connect you to the group that handles back pay.  (ML)  12/10/19


A2:  If VA over paid you, Debt Management will contact you. They will provide you with a detail letter of any presumed over payment and how they intend to recoup that money. In the interim, if you truly believe that you were over paid, recommend you put any perceived over payments in an interest bearing savings account, and "if" you receive a letter from Debt Management regarding an over payment, you can either write them a check for the full amount, or have it electronically transferred. Otherwise, Debt Management will inform you of how they plan to recoup any over payment.  (LC)  12/11/19