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Disability Journal

Disability Journal: A Daily Account of My Current Disability Issues
The newly updated custom designed Disability Journal is a simple to use tool that will help you collect, track and share past and current information about your current disability and other health issues. The Disability Journal has proven to be an invaluable lifesaver providing an overview of your health history to the medical professionals who assist you with your health. The Disability Journal will help you to recall specific information when filling out forms at an appointment with a new physician or medical facility. The Disability Journal is your personal health journey and the format presented is to assist you in monitoring your disabilit(ies), or other health concerns. You may consider taking your Disability Journal with you to all Veterans Affairs (VA) appointments, and other visits to see a healthcare provider. The Disability Journal is designed to provide your medical professional with concise and easily accessible details of your health in case of an emergency or in any circumstances that might occur related to your health. When it comes to submitting documentation for an increase in disability compensation, your Disability Journal will provide a clear history of your health issues, health events that need monitoring, and other health issues as related to your current disability or an evolving disability.
The Disability Journal prompts you to record information about how you are feeling and what you are doing for your health each day as needed. There are enough entries for 100 days. The act of keeping a journal of your health is a daily task. The goal is to document how you feel when it is appropriate for you in monitoring your health. Don't worry if you miss a day, but the more consistent you can be, the better your information will serve you, especially when an increase in disability compensation is a possibility. This is also an invaluable resource to share with your loved ones, as they may be interested in knowing how your health history is taking form. By tracking what you do and how you feel, it may be possible to start making connections as to WHY you feel the way you do.











Take an active role in your health care with your very own Disability Journal.


Inside Disability Journal


  • Track Multiple Disabilities.
  • Medical Vitals.
  • Personal Identification Page.
  • Emergency Contact Information.
  • Medication Listing.
  • 2018 Holidays.
  • Allergies Log.
  • Upcoming Appointments Log.
  • Personal Notes Page.
  • Track Developing Disability.
  • Compensation Tips.
  • VA Fun Facts.
  • Did You Know Information.
  • VA Telephone Log.
  • Commonly Used Medical Abbreviations.
  • Post Examination Forms.
  • Inspirational Quotes.














Product details

Comb-bound:  100 journal entry pages (126 total pages) 
Publisher:  Aspyre Media Group, LLC
Language:  English
Product dimensions:  8.5 x 11
Shipping weight:  15 ounces


Inside Disability Journal

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