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214.  What is the best way to locate veterans you served with?

215.  Am I entitled to receive Supplemental Security Income as a Disabled Vietnam Veteran?

216.  I am a Vietnam veteran with many ailments, should I apply for VA benefits?

217.  Should I file multiple claims at once or one at a time?

218.  Is this another VA way to take advantage of Us Vietnam Vets?

219.  What does the term mean Veterans and Spouse mean on the compensation chart?

220.  I have new evidence.  What can I do to get an increase?

221.  Is there anything I can do about bill VA refuses to pay?

222.  Is hypertension connected to PTSD or Agent Orange?

223.  What would be the best way to validate my claims?

224.  How can I get to 100% disabled?

225.  Will I have to hire an attorney?

226.  What are my options for an aapeal?

227.  What forms are used for property tax release in the state of Florida?

228.  Is there any compensation for radiation exposure for those of us who served onboard SSBN nuclear Submarines?

229.  Why would a C&P examiner state that I don't qualify for PTSD because I don't meet Criteria A?

230.  Why was my case taken form my attorney and given to DAV?

231.  How do I get compensation for my grandsons?

232.  Will any NSC condition that is aggravated by a SC be considered SC for rating purposes?

233.  Will I get compensated for the time I filed or when they gave me my rating?

234.  What does that mean?  Is it because I didn't go to sick call?

235.  How do I request an audit on my records?

236.  How can I get a copy of my updated DD Form 214?

237.  What can be done about this?

238.  How can he get his status changed to “veteran”?

239.  Where is my check?

240.  Can somebody help me?  Or, where can I get help?

241.  As his widow, what help can I get, especially when I see Sept 11 as the date the Bill passed and he died Sept 04?

242.  Nothing works for this problem, but how in the heck do I get information on Erectile Dysfunction caused by exposure to Agent Orange?

243.  Any help or suggestions where I can go or how I can get some dental group to fix me teeth?

244.  Normally how long does this type claim take to complete?

245.  The VA has never evaluated my cancer problems or my neuropathy. How do I get them to do so?

246.  Is there a way I could have my last semester paid for without taking out a student loan?

247.  How do I stop VA from garnishing my disability compensation?

248.  How do I get a new VSO and change my Power of Attorney?

249.  Is that related to Agent Orange exposure and any chance it is service-connected? 

250.  Will some bases allow me to show my pass and my wife's driver’s license for access to the base?

251.  Is there a list of available military shopping sites available?

252.  Could this have been from the Navy? And is it too late to do a claim?

253.  What MOS’s are more prone to tinnitus?

254.  So how far back does the payment refund from VA go back to?

255.  What percentage of veterans fighting for disability compensation actually represent themselves?

256.  Why was my disability pay cut in half without notification?

257.  I need to know is there any way I can get help with my VA claim from being exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune?

258.  Why does the VA not award compensation for asbestos exposure to the lungs and diseases that come from being exposed to asbestos? 

259.  How do I get reimbursed for mileage check?

260.  How do I get a Purple Heart for an injury I can't prove happened in the line of duty?

261.  How do I prove to the VA I care for my husband 24/7?

262.  Does any know what dental company can help me?

263.  I was wondering if there's any state tax benefits for a veteran?

264.  I did 20 years of service.  Why does my DD Form 214 only show 16 years of service?

265.  Can you get a VA pension and disability compensation and civilian retirement check and SSDI all at the same time?

266.  If I get a polyproproplene mesh procedure done is it something I can apply for disability for as an extension of my diabetics condition?

267.  Shouldn’t the VA give me back pay from 1996 when I first applied?

268.  Where is the laptop I ordered from ILP?

269.  How do get the elderly earphone benefit?

270.  How do I find out if I am eligible for some kind of VA disability compensation?

271.  Was that evaluation wasted?

272.  What else can I do?

273.  Will compensation be retroactive to 2009 in January 2020?

274.  Will all of these people get the word?

275.  Can someone please explain this to me if you understand what I’m trying to say?

276.  I am very sick and my claims keep getting denied.  Can someone help?

277.  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at the VA sleep center. Do I qualify for compensation for this condition?

278.  I saw on your site that the compensation rate for 2019 with a 10% Disability Rating is $140.05. How do I claim that compensation?

279.  Why doesn't the VA admit that this agent was stored in other parts of the country in Korea not just around the DMZ area?

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