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Q340:  I was denied Agent Orange related conditions, hepatitis, numbness on my right foot, and hypertension. I was a Brown Water Navy Seabee in DaNang in 1969-70.  Should I resubmit my disability claims?

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A1:  It would be in your best interest to go to your local VSO or DAV Office and let them help you with your claims that you want to submit. They have the knowledge and latest forms and know how to submit it properly. It is better to do it that way than on your own. That was there is a record and VA on the other end can contact VSO or DAV regarding your claims. I have seen it work for a lot of vets.  (RC)  1/11/20


A2:  Depends, when and why were you denied.  (AJ)  1/11/20


A3:  No, those issues are not on the list of conceited disabilities. If they are added at a later date they will service connect you then and backdated.  (DS)  1/11/20


A4:  Hepatitis is not indet agent orange, if you have medical evidence from your military records you can submit a 20-0995 with that evidence. Numbness in your foot is not covered by agent orange. We are waiting for the VA to add hypertension to the AO list.  (GR)  1/11/20













A5:  You should definitely resubmit and do not wait a long time for depending on the length of time of prior filing you may get retro pay if it is showing the condition or conditions have gotten worse from it. Look up all the ailments that you have and if type II diabetes, neuropathy (which sounds like that is what your foot has), do you have numbness and tingling in hands and feet, do you have cataracts in your eyes. Write to your congressman as well to investigate and if you have outside medical I would also see an outside doctor to reaffirm your conditions. Get a through evaluation such as an MRi of whole body from neck down to lower spine and even legs and feet for degenerative bone disease which could be part of the problem. As for myself took over 34 years to get 90 percent service connected and 10 percent unemployability. Just waiting for if the VA takes away even 10 percent so they can reduce my disability pay by half then save one or two conditions so you have more to reopen the claim if needed. Save all your information on a computer, external hard drive so you can always have the documentation if you need it . The VA always came up with could not find it and mostly it is they did not want to go thru the trouble of going thru all the paperwork to find it so I have brought boxes of hard copy and put on disc or large capacity flash drive and gave them that as well. Keep list of all doctors, hospitals, treatment centers and including the VA never get rid of them for never know when they will make you prove your claim over again. Best of Luck and welcome to the next war on home grounds.  (JRM)  1/11/20


A6:  I have been denied my numbs in my legs and feet to the contact of the Agent Orange due to my working on aircraft that was spraying A/O also i was on aircraft use to deliver food to US troupes in the field the spraying Agent Orange the next day. in 1963 and 1964, also next to my work Tent they had to Agent Orange drums stacked with in 1OO feet .  (JA)  1/11/20


A7:  Yes don't give up I was denied also and now working with company to get what I am owned and deserve. I was in Dong Tam in 1970.  (CF)  1/11/20


A8:  U should appeal it . u only have so many days to do that . I have done that and got back with a higher rating . U could get and organization to do it for u but make sure u have a good one. Good luck.  (SG)  1/11/20


A9:  You can always resubmit your claim. Hypertension is very difficult to obtain, but not impossible (due to age). I would STRONGLY suggest working with a Service Officer to assist you with your claim. Check with DAV, Am Legion, VFW, etc.  (KD)  1/11/20


A10:  I was also denied agent orange status. Vietnam '68-'69. I have/had throat cancer (never smoked) . My advice is to just keep applying!  I will!  (DM)  1/11/20


A11:  Most definitely submit a disagreement, you will most likely be turned down again but.....if the VA ever declared it on the the disability eligible list you will get compensation back to when you originally filled. Get you disagreement filled ASAP. WELCOME HOME BROTHER!!!  (FH)  1/11/20


A12:  Your denial letter lays out the timing for resubmission for (protests) for denied claims. Basically you must submit a protest within 12 months of the denial. If you wait longer then your old claim is no longer valid and you are submitting a new claim. Imagine this happening with a lapse. You might never get retroactive compensation except to the date of your last claim. Never give up!!  (GC)  1/11/20


A13:  Hypertension and hepatitis are not on the presumptive condition list for Agent Orange. Hypertension is currently being considered and a ruling is expected sometime soon. If you have diabetes Type II, then I would submit a claim for that based on AO exposure. Also, try to submit a claim for hearing loss if you haven't done so already. Good luck, but use a VSO from a veteran's organization, but find a good one that knows what they are doing. Not all VSO's are good at what they do. I've had to use several VSO's until I found the right one that helped me with my claims. I'm currently at 70% for hearing loss and diabetes due to AO exposure and soon will get another upgrade after my C&P exam is completed for carpal tunnel. A word of caution. You have to make a strong case when submitting for disability. Keep all records related to your claims, file within the time frames given, and write strong statements with supporting documentation to support your claim(s). Good luck and welcome home.  (AB)  1/12/20


A14:  Hepatitis and foot problems are not presumptive illness to agent orange.  (AD)  1/13/20