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Service Medical Records

Most Official Military Personnel Files at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) prior to 1992 contain both personnel and active duty health records. Health records cover outpatient, dental, and mental health treatment which a former member received while in the military service.  Health records documents include induction and separation physical examinations, and routine medical care (doctor/dental visits, lab tests, etc.) when the patient was not admitted to a hospital. 


In comparison, clinical (hospital inpatient) records are NOT filed with the health records but are generally retired to NPRC (MPR) by the hospital or facility which created them. Other medical records which would not be included are Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) records, or records for service after 1992.


The practice of filing health records with the personnel record portion has been discontinued.  In 1992, the Army began retiring most of its former members' health records to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The other services made this change in subsequent years.














Getting Service Medical Records


Air Force

Write to:

National Personnel Records Center

(Military Personnel Records)
9700 Page Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100


Discharged, deceased, or retired on or after 10/1/2004.


Write To:

Air Force Personnel Center

550 C Street West, Ste. #19
Randolph AFB, TX  78250-4721


Reserve, retired reserve in nonpay status, current National Guard officers not on active duty in the Air Force, or National Guard released from active duty in the Air Force.


Write To:

Air Reserve Personnel Center/DSMR
6760 E. Irvington Place, Ste. #4600
Denver, CO  80280-4600