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Q343:  My partner John G. was in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot. He suffers from Agent Orange. His breaks out on his face, neck and chest frequently. I wonder if he could get compensation for it?

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A1:  My answer would yes if he has been diagnosed with skin cancer. I would suggest that you contact your local VA.  (JH)  1/14/20


A2:  Who made the determination already that your friends breakout he is experiencing is resultant of Agent Orange. By chance if it was already determined by a physician for the VA then I would have to say YES! he may be entitled as being a patient of the VA and possibly with monetary compensation. My advice for your friend is to contact the VA closest his home and request to be evaluated by a VA physician who is assigned to provide a Agent Orange evaluation and not to depend on the advice of others outside the VA. Helicopter Pilots were Heroes.  (DR)  1/14/20


A3:  Yes, he should file for Agent Orange exposure ASAP, especially if he exhibits any of the presumptive conditions associated with AO. Also, he should apply for PTSD and hearing loss. A qualified Veteran Service officer (VSO) will be able to help him apply for benefits based on his service. See one ASAP.  (AB)  1/14/20