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448.  Is there a time limit for when you can file for contact with Agent Orange from my time in Vietnam 1967/68 U.S. Army, Recon?

449.  Will my wife get any money from the VA if I die before her & at what % if any?

450.  Can a veteran receive compensation for aggravation of intervertebral disc syndrome secondary to service-connected knee patellofemoral syndrome?

451.  What should I do to help my wife?

452.  Why do I have to pay $500.00 for refinancing appraisal if I have a VA loan?

453.  If I get married with a female with two would the VA take care of them if I die?

454.  Where is my stimulus check?

455.  Should I have had MRI there and fixed before I got out of the military?

456.  Is there a way that I can get an increase in my benefits?

457.  Shouldn't I be eligible for VA medical services?

458.  How can I go about getting replacement aids as I have had these aids for over four years now?

459.  Why is it that the VA did not give me $500.00 for COVID-19?

460.  Will VA compensate me for the error they made on my claim?

461.  Do the people at VA that make a determination on your claim get re-imbursed for every claim they downgrade or deny?

462.  I understand Agent Orange was used on the Korean DMZ. What was the period during which this happened?

463.  If my husband dies from SVC disabilities will I receive DIC?

464.  Why wasn’t I given a VA rating on these?

465.  Does she qualify for any type of VA pension?

466.  Is there anything else I can do to get help?

467.  I'm getting medical statements denials I don't understand.

468.  I have put in an appeal to the VA Judges.  What more can I do?

469.  What happened to my compensation?

470.  Can someone help me with any of my concerns?

471.  Does the VA provide assistance with home modifications?

472.  I'm wondering if I should be receiving 20% compensation since the ringing in both ears is constant?

473.  How can l qualify for the Homeownership Assistance Program Grant in New York?

474.  What do I do next to get my 100% rating restored?

475.  Can anyone explain how VA does its rating calculations?

476.  My husband passed away, why don't I receive his VA benefits?

477.  Why is the current VA Secretary holding off approving new presumed disabilities?

478.  Am I eligible for a property tax rate reduction?

479.  How does VA claims work with Federal Register and the Final Rule in Association with the DSM V for Rating Mental Disorders?

480.  If you cannot get an appointments at the VA, how long a wait time until you can go out of the VA system?

481.  Any recommendations are appreciated.

482.  Can I claim any connection to my Agent Orange exposure?

483.  Is there any truth to this and is it possible to be tested for exposure to this?

484.  Can surviving wife still put in a claim?

485.  What do others think?

486.  Recently was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and had surgery. Is this claim covered by VA?

487.  Shouldn’t I qualify for some VA compensation besides just a hearing aids?

488.  Please give me advice as to what to do about this horrible situation.

489.  Is there a grant through the VA I can get to help with this issue?

490.  Will the VA pay me when I originally made my claim back in 2002?

491.  What is my next move?

492.  When is Congress going to grant benefits to the thousands of Veterans and how we were used as human guinea pigs at Edgewood Arsenal?

493.  Please explain in layman terms military service credit?

494.  I would like an increase in my disability compensation.  How would I start the process?

495.  It appears that the SSB was actually a no-interest loan to be recouped from my disability entitlement. How is this legal?

496.  How do I obtain copies of previous claims to the VA?

497.  How does one go about arranging for the VA to provide medication?

498.  Should I file for a higher rating?

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