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Q337:  I’ve heard that VA IG investigators dress up as cable company technicians to record veterans in their homes.  Veterans are saying that these IG investigators wear sensitive recording devices and high-tech eyeglasses to video record veterans.  Does anyone know if this is true?

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A1:  Easy way to avoid this entirely, don't let someone in your house if you aren't sure who they are.  (JD)  1/9/20


A2:  Never heard of such a thing!  (TR)  1/9/20


A3:  No, why would they need to do that? If a veteran is guilty of defrauding the government and are under suspicion there are more effective ways to gather information.  (TB)  1/9/20


A4:  No, they don't dress up and come into your house but they do watch from the street and are doing a lot of this because of all the frauds going on.  (DS)  1/9/20


A5:  Yes that is true and I have heard the aliens have landed in Washington DC taking over the Congress and the White House. if you believe all of this BS then you are in dire need of some psychiatric help very soon.  (AH)  1/9/20


A6:  If you are not cheating, then why worry about it?  Don't get paranoia about it if you are not cheating! My conditions are verified and treated by the VA, I keep records of everything that I go see them about.  (GS)  1/9/20












A7:  I do not know if that technique is true or not but it is plausible. First there are unfortunately some veterans who lie and cheat on health issues. Some say they can barely walk but then run a marathon and put it on facebook. That is fraud and dumb too.
If you have legitimate health issues caused by military service insure it is documented and monitor your records. Even so there can still be problems as the VA on the benefits side does not have professional workers and mix up information. I have been accused of trying to obtain benefits for my wife. I have never ever had a wife or spouse of either sex in my life. Yet is appears in my records that is fraud committed by the VA but nothing happens to the VA. They send. correspondence to addresses where I have never lived and they do not fix it. I have this documented so if they ever mention claims I never made I have a record that they are dead wrong. The other issue is the pressure to reduce VA costs. This is a goal of the Trump Administration because VA benefits is socialism. When taxes are constantly reduced the shortfall has to be made up and it is being done by reducing benefits, hence, these people are spying on veterans in order to find a way to reduce compensation. As stated some veterans are cheating.  (JD)  1/10/20












A8:  If your condition meet what the doctors stated on your form and you getting paid for it from the VA you have nothing to worry about. It true that they do have investigator to find out who is claiming fraud disability. Do not worry if you are not doing any thing wrong. Keep your medical record updated and you will be just fine, so don't worry yourself with this. Take care of yourself and your family. God Bless.  (CT)  3/25/20