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Helpful Numbers

Breaking Injury News
Call 1-866-205-3107 for veterans to get free evaluation for housing issues and injury compensation.


Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits and Services
Call 1-800-827-1000 (Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 9:00 pm EST).


DoD SafeHelpline for Victims of Sexual Assault
Call 1-877-995-5247.


Elder Abuse Hotline
Call 1-833-FRAUD-11 (1-833-372-8311).


Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Community

Call 1-202-249-7171

Click here to register with organization


Friends of the Animal Shelter
Call 803-642-1537


Military Helpline
Operates as a confidential support line for active duty service members, veterans, and their families.  The support line acts as an independent agency not connected to any branch of the military or U.S. government. Call 1-888-457-4838, or text MIL1 to 839863.


National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
Call 1-877-424-3838.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255.












Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA)

Call 1-800-662-4357.


VA eBenefits Technical Support Help Line

Cal 1-800-983-0937.


VA Education (GI Bill) Benefits
Learn about education benefits available to eligible veterans.  Call 1-888-442-4551.


VA Health Care Benefits
Learn about health care benefits available to eligible veterans and dependents.  Call 1-877-222-8387.


VA Female Veterans Mammography Help Line

Call help line at 1-888-492-7844.


VA Smoking Cessation Counselors

Telephone counselors standing by to help veterans wishing to stop smoking.  Call 1-855-QUIT-VET (1-855-784-8838).


VA Special Issues Line for Gulf War/Agent Orange/Project Shad/Mustard Agents and
Lewisite/Ionizing Radiation

Help veterans understand benefits.  Call 1-800-749-8387.


VA Status of Headstones and Markers
Help line for veterans, dependents, and veterans representatives who want to learn about burial benefits and status. Call 1-800-697-6947.


VA Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)
Dial 711


Vets Center Combat Call Center
Operates as a confidential call center for combat veterans.  Call 1-877-927-8387.












Veterans Crisis Line
The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support for deaf and hard of hearing individuals is available.


Vet Connect USA

Call 888-504-0300

Email: Help Desk


White House VA Hotline
Call 1-855-948-2311.


Women Veterans Hotline
Provides Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefit information for female veterans.  Call 1-855-829-6636.

Voc Rehab Help


Questions regarding subsistence allowance award processing of Voc Rehab benefits can be somewhat complex and contacting a Voc Rehab liaison may be helpful.  Complete form below to contact a  Voc Rehab Liaison specialists.