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Q289:  I submitted my disability claims package about 3 months ago.  Since that time a few more things have come up that I’d like to submit to the VA in support of my claim.  Should I send it in now or should I wait for results of current claim and if I need to send it in at that time?

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A1:  Send it.  (MM)  11/17/19


A2:  Yes, send it in as additional evidence to your claim mentioning your specific injury/illness on a Statement of Support form.  (JL)  11/17/19


A3:  Personally, I think you are still within the window you could submit it now and it shouldn't effect your decision time frame. I waited and submitted a issue a year following another claim and it pushed the original claim back and they combined the 2. I would submit it asap and you should be good.  (WR)  11/17/19


A4:  Personally, I would send them in now so when the VA rater adjudicates your claims, it will be complete and you will have your total percentage that is granted.  (RC)  11/17/19


A5:  SEND IT NOW. if approved it will be backdated to when you applied for it. Don't wait!  (PD)  11/17/19


A6:  I would strongly suggest you wait, if you have a claim currently. It could slow down the process. I would also suggest working with a Service Officer form a group of your choice. I'm partial to the DAV.  (KD)  11/17/19











A7:  I hope you have a Veterans Service Rep (VSR) from one of the Veterans Service Organizations (VSO). They get paid to advise you and you should NEVER rely or assume the VA is helping you. Once you file a claim an adversarial relationship develops. They work to deny you. It is my guess you do not have a VSR based on your question. Your VSR will answer ALL your questions based on your claim. He gets PAID to do that for you. Not much but they work hard for Vets. You can request a copy, as an attachment to a reply to your request for the "Resource Guide for Veterans and their Families" It is written for RI but the information applies to all VA's across the country. If you are relying only on the VA as a your representation you are making a big mistake. The Guide is free and I'll put you on our email list if you wish to receive updates. Things change frequently in the VA. It is no secret the VA is a broken system. Advocate for yourself wisely. Send the info.  (EA)  11/17/19