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Q296:  Sometime in the past several months I saw the court of appeal reversal. In this appeal the claimant challenged the VA in denying compensation for his Leukemia. His leukemia was not on the list of recognized leukemia sub-headings by the VA. Where can I find a copy of this decision or tell me where I might find this citation?  

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A1:  Honestly, you can use search engines to find them , often. I researched CML and AML, where a few cases have been won. Unfortunately, they are not precedent setting. The National Academy of Medicine has admitted that not enough research has been done on the more rare leukemias. When cases have been won, it is because the private Oncologist treating the veteran has provided a Nexus letter saying that after careful study it is "as likely as not" the disease was caused by service toxin exposure, e.g. agent orange. The court may give the benefit of the doubt to the veteran. With CML, there is a proven link to benzene exposure (e.g., working with solvents or napalm exposure). Agent orange has a compound with the benzene rings in it, but the question is, does it act like pure benzene? Search for a law firm, e.g., that specializes in toxin exposures...Good luck!  GW)  11/21/19