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344.  Why do I have to wait so long?

345.  When will 100% disabled veterans that are permanent & total get a substantial increase in their checks?

346.  How is my monthly VA pension affected with my net worth?

347.  I am retired Navy veteran, why do I have to make a co-payment?

348.  Can I sue the VA for medical malpractice? 

349.  Just who gets retro pay?

350.  Could I have possibly been exposed to Agent Orange chemical residue on the air planes?

351.  How would I be able to get reclassified? 

352.  Why am I only at 45%?

353.  Is there a form or other means of getting reimbursed?

354.  What's happening now for the human guinea pigs?

355.  Are all combat veterans entitled to compensation?

356.  Can one have two disability claims requests for compensation working at the same time?

357.  What exactly is ischemic heart disease?

358.  Do all disabilities have to be service connected for VA compensation?

359.  Please tell me if I qualify for a VA disability.

360.  Do you think I can I get approved for compensation for PTSD?

361.  Can I get compensation for the disability the VA caused?

362.  Can I claim disabilities that started after I retired?

363.  Can I apply for compensation and expect a positive outcome?

364.  My service records show I was in Vietnam so why is my claim being denied?

365.  How can I check status of my claim?

366.  Will I get back pay when the VA updates my records?

367.  Can I file a claim for compensation for my STD?

368.  How can I get the documents I need?

369.  Would my broken jaw and nose I received in the Army be a good enough claim to prove military related disability?

370.  What factors will determine if an increase is warranted?

371.  Can I only have a COLA increase payment due to the economy?

372.  Can a veteran who is rated 100% still apply for other disabilities?

373.  Am I able to use choice for dental care?

374.  What does the VA have planned for veterans in the Grant and Per Diem Program for the "Homeless"?

375.  How do I get put on the open burn pit registry?

376.  I have COVID-19.  Where can I go for help?

377.  How can I get my discharge upgraded to Honorable?

378.  What form do I use for service-connection for Gonorrhea?

379.  Will I still be able to stay with that 100%?

380.  What can I do to get the VA to help me?

381.  Is it time for me to hire a law firm to help with this case? 

382.  I was wondering if I would receive a government stimulus check?

383.  Will the ongoing Pandemic affect VA Monthly Benefits?

384.  What is the VA-Grant Per Diem program doing to extent veterans already in the program?

385.  Could anyone advise how to avoid getting labeled IU by the VA?

386.  Does the VA have enough tests for veterans with COVID-19 symptoms?

387.  Is the VA under reporting how many veterans are sick from the coronavirus?

388.  Can a Vietnam veteran get a disability rating for Agent Orange or PTSD if he has a dishonorable discharge?

389.  Where will or should I stand on these two benefits?

390.  Does the VA have the right to ban me from the medical center?

391.  What should I do to qualify for the lower interest rate on a refinance?

392.  What is the deal with veterans in the program?

393.  Does anyone know what it's like living in a veteran aparment community?

394.  How long do veterans have to wait for COVID-19 relief funds?

395.  Besides going in a VA hospital where else can I go?

396.  Does the VA having any programs to help veterans struggling to pay their bills?

397.  Where can I check to get a complete answer about stimulus check?

398.  Will I receive a paper stimulus check?

399.  Where can I get assistance to pay for senior housing?

400.  Do I or do I not need to file for the stimulus check or will the VA automatically deposit into my savings?

401.  Do I still get a paper check or any other monies?

402.  Is this a separate check for veterans/dependents only or is this the stimulus check that everyone else is receiving?

403.  My wife is a 14-year veteran of the DoD (Dept. of Defense). Does she qualify for military veteran benefits?

404.  Because of late filing would I get a stimulus check?

405.  Does the VA offer benefits for veterans that are 100% P and T to make their home energy efficient with a grand or load or any type of help?

406.  Will my wife and I get our stimulus checks from the VA or the IRS or what?

407.  What type of funeral benefits will my husband be eligible for when the time comes?

408.  How long am I supposed to keep my VA documents?

409.  Is there any chance of getting compensated for my hearing loss?

410.  As a disabled veteran is it better to rent or buy a house?

411.  What's being done to former military personnel getting discharged for refusing to take the Anthrax shot?

412.  VA wants to lower my rating.  What should I do?

413.  Still waiting for compensation.  What is going on?

414.  Do I still get a stimulus check?

415.  I live overseas, will I receive a stimulus check?

416.  Is there anything more that the VA can do to help with the mortgage?

417.  I am hoping someone can help me get the Agent Orange benefits I believe I deserve.

418.  I want to be reevaluated. So, who do I call?

419.  Where is the stimulus money for rent and mortgages?

420.  Is it true the shots given to us in basic training and for going overseas cause long term health problems?

421.  I would like to get permanent and total disability. How should I go about doing this?

422.  Do I get back pay for my problems?

423.  Can the VA send someone to my house to help me with a claim?

424.  Why the difference in pay?

425.  How come Desert Storm veterans don't get a Combat Action Badge?

426.  Can anybody help correct this?

427.  Can someone explain to me why no appraisal?

428.  Should I file a claim to change rating status?

429.  When is the VA going to support the human guinea pig's of chemical weapons?

430.  Is there any new decision about Ft. Maclellan AL before closure?

431.  Would my rating increase or just document more areas?

432.  How do I go about getting my back pay?

433.  Will my chance of getting a winning outcome increase if I use a law firm to handle my disability claim?

434.  I was wondering if I could qualify for compensation due to having had an orchiectomy?

435.  Is there something I need to do or submit to get my Purple Heart?

436.  Please give me some orientation about this claim and the possibility that VA will award my claim.

437.  How do I get a new ID card from VA?

438.  Would I be considered a war veteran?

439.  How do I get the Traveling Vietnam Wall to my town?

440.  Is there a way to find out where can I locate my old allotment?

441.  How long must I be married to a veteran to collect his death benefits?

442.  What proof would a surviving spouse need to show eligibility for this compensation?

443.  How much my wife would get in my life insurance if I passed?

444.  Where can a disabled veteran rated at 100% go overseas and live comfortably?

445.  I'd like to know what is due to me because of my exposure to Agent Orange?

446.  Did veterans with low IQs ever get the benefits they deserved?

447.  Are my breathing problems related to asbestos in the barracks? 

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