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115.  Should I be receiving a different compensation amount?

116.  How do I submit an application for diabetes?

117.  Why haven't I heard anything about my Agent Orange rating?

118.  How do I get proof that I served in Vietnam?

119.  How can the VA help with my daughter's college program?

120.  Can I file for back pay from my initial claim date?

121.  What can I do next to get a successful claim?

122.  Is there anything that would help me get compensation for hearing loss?

123.  Would it take away from what I'm getting now?

124.  Can I re-open a case?

125.  Which form do I use to submit a claim for PTSD?

126.  Can I use an out of state VA clinic or hospital while traveling?

127.  Am I eligible for additional compensation?

128.  Are peacetime veterans eligible for benefits?

129.  How long must a veteran receive VA disability compensation before his/her spouse is eligible for benefits?

130.  Why haven't I received any information from the VA?

131.  Why am I being denied compensation for presumptive disabilities?

132.  Why is there no help from the VA for suffering spouses?

133.  Is there any claims for tricholaethylene exposure?

134.  Any help for spouse with dementia?

135.  Where I can get an MET test?

136.  Are there any benefits for unmarried partner of a veteran?

137.  Are VA completed appeals backlog appeals only?

138.  How can I speed the processing of my appeal?

139.  I was married for a short time to a veteran before he died.  Am I eligible for benefits?

140.  What happened to transparency?

141.  I have all the proof you need yet I've been turned down for over 40 years.  Why?

142.  What am I doing wrong?

143.  Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get a decision from the rater?

144.  Does anyone have any information about the contaminated vaccine guns used on veterans?

145.  Why does the VA deny me compensation for nephropathy?

146.  Wanted to know how long does the DRO process usually take?

147.  What is the VA doing about the veterans that were exposed to retrograde materials?

148.  Can I open a new claim since the appeal process has long expired?

149.  Should I be entitled to compensation from the VA?

150.  Can I file a claim even though I've been denied?

151.  Anyone to advise how to collect co-pay?

152.  I have type 2 diabetes.  Why am I being denied compensation?

153.  Am I eligible for Special Monthly Compensation?

154.  What service-connected conditions are caused by exposure to Southeast Asia?

155.  Do I qualify for the Homeownership Assistance Grant for $5000?

156.  Will someone out there reach out and help us please?

157.  I keep getting denied.  What else can I do?

158.  The VA admitted their mistake, but I haven't heard from them again.  Why not?

159.  Does anyone have any tips to help me win compensation for depression and PTSD?

160.  What are the VA mileage limits for traveling to medical care?

161.  How do I get an expert medical opinion with little to no money?

162.  What type of questions will be asked of me during my sleep apnea interview?

163.  What is the criterion for retroactive compensation?

164.  Why has not the VA informed veterans that sleep apnea is secondary to PTSD?

165.  Is there any help for us?

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