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166.  What am I to do to keep this hospital off my back?

167.  How do I find out about my disability claim for PTSD?

168.  I was told you can get no more than 50% disability compensation from illnesses related to drinking water at Camp Lejeune.  Is this true?

169.  What do I have to do to get approved for tinnitus by the VA?

170.  Is there a way to appeal and reverse their decision so both ears are service-connected?

171.  Has anyone had similar experiences?

172.  Are there others who served on diesel submarines?

173.  Is it true that unemployability payments will stop if you also collect social security benefits?

174.  I got sick in Vietnam.  Am I entitled to benefits?

175.  How do I connect my condition to my time in service?

176.  How do I file a claim for conditions cause by Agent Orange exposure?

177.  Does the VA help subsidize solar paneling for veterans that are 100%?

178.  How can I get readable service medical records?

179.  How can I get a draw on my late husband's disability compensation?

180.  Will veterans and dependents be compensated for needed medical care from being contaminated at certain military installations?

181.  Does property tax exemption apply to veterans in Kansas?

182.  Who do I contact to get a copy of my physical the VA can't seem to locate?

183.  Does the VA offer a medical alert device for Korean war veterans?

184.  Is there any way for me to get both of my contracts with the Government paid?

185.  Why wasn’t I approved for a clothing allowance?

186.  How do I get signed up so I can use eBenifits?

187.  What is the best way to connect your disability to the military?

188.  Is there VA compensation for FTD - FLD?

189.  Does anyone know anything about Compassion Installments?

190.  Which SMC table applies to my situation?

191.  How do I get from 90% to 100%?

192.  How do I get service-connected for a non-military event?

193.  Why aren't children with Poland Syndrome compensated?

194.  Can I get 100% for all of my current disabilities?

195.  How long does it usually take for appeal files to be assigned to a DRO?

196.  Can someone send me a list of contaminated bases?

197.  What are the benefits for a veteran rated at 90%?

198.  How can I file a claim for being exposed to chemicals?

199.  What is my rate using the new SMC rate?

200.  How can I get payment resolved?

201.  Should I appeal denial for VGLI?

202.  Will the VA terminate my benefits if they detect marijuana in my system?

203.  Can someone please explain to me what is Special Monthly Compensation?

204.  Can you have more than one SMC rating?

205.  When will the 2019 COLA increase start?

206.  Any chance my clothes could have been contaminated by Agent Orange while by washed in Vietnam?

207.  Are my TBI events compensable?

208.  Can disabled veterans get priority boarding privileges?

209.  Will my new unemployability status pay me at the 100% compensation rate?

210.  Does the 2019 COLA increase in veterans rated at 60%?

211.  How can I quickly get my old service medical records?

212:  What is Veterans Choice Card and how can I get one?

213.  Why am I being evaluated by VES when I am already receiving VA compensation?

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