Those That


Ships Exposed to Agent Orange

Aludra (AF-55)
Conducted in-port docking replenishment at Cam Ranh Bay, Vung Tau, An Thoi, and Da Nang during March-April 1969.


Alvin C. Cockrell (DE-366)
Anchored in Saigon Harbor for four days during May 1962.


Anchorage (LSD-36)
Transported troops and supplies to and from shore with smaller craft at Da Nang, Cam Ranh Bay, Vung Tau, and An Thoi from February 1970 through July 1972 Transported troops and supplies into inland waterway of Qui Nhon Bay during June 1970 and January 1972.


Barney (DDG-6)
While serving as Flagship for Destroyer Division One Six Two, sent crew members ashore at Da Nang for gunfire mission planning during June-July 1967.


Bausell (DD-845)
Sent small boat ashore for briefing while in Da Nang Harbor on November 27, 1968.


Belknap (DLG-26)
While in Da Nang Harbor on December 1, 1969, received crew members back to ship from temporary duty ashore.


Benner (DD-807)
Operated on inland Ganh Rai Bay and Rung Sat Special Zone during June 26-July 1, 1968.


Biddle (DLG-34)
Sent whaleboat ashore from Da Nang Harbor for briefings on March 5 and June 2, 1968 and delivered North Vietnamese fisherman ashore at Da Nang on July 30, 1969.












Bigelow (DD-942)
Docked to pier at Da Nang for one hour on April 19, 1967.


Breckinridge (T-AP-176)
Entered inland waterway of Qui Nhon Bay on September 16-17, 1965.


Caliente (AO-53)
Docked for in-port replenishment at An Thoi and Vung Tau during June 1970.


Calvert (APA-32)
Entered inland waters of Qui Nhon Bay during October 1965 Served as Da Nang Harbor station ship with crew members going ashore from November 1965 through January 1966.


Card (ACV-11)
Mined, sunk, and salvaged in Saigon River Harbor during May 1964.


Castor (AKS-1)
Docked to pier at Da Nang on October 7, 1966.


Catskill (MCS/MSC-1)
Entered Saigon River on March 18, 1970.


Chevalier (DD-805)

Operated on Saigon River during June 15-21, 1966 Operated on Vung Ganh Rai area of Mekong River delta during January 25, 1968.


Colonial (LSD-18)
Traveled on Saigon River to Nha Be on June 22 and September 25-30, 1969.


Cone (DD-866)
Docked to pier in Da Nang Harbor on December 11, 1972.