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Q310:  I submitted a form 21-0960A-4, heart condition to have my civilian doctor fill out so I can submit for congestive heart failure. He crossed out Heart failure and marked VENTRICULAR ARRHYTHMIA instead and basically said I'm ok. I have been told for years that I have Congestive Heart Failure. What can I do or how should I handle this?

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A1:  Don't Know why he would diagnose you with one thing, and then change it in the form for the VA...Fire him, and get a new second opinion.  (BO)  12/6/19


A2:  Try getting a second opinion.  (AD)  12/6/19


A3:  If I were you I'd find a cardiologist at a teaching collage and see them I had similar issues and the doctors at Missouri University took care of notifying the VA.  (ML)  12/6/19