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Q331:  I hear a lot of talk around the VA that veterans diagnosed with PTSD will have to turn in their guns to their local VA.  A letter/order is supposed to go out in January 2020 to all veterans diagnosed with PTSD letting us know that we have to turn in all of our guns to the local VA department.  Anybody know if this is true or not?

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A1:  BULL****.  (LB)  12/28/19


A2:  It is false. The VA itself does not have that type of authority. And neither does your local authorities either unless your state has passed what is known as a 'red flag law' and someone has reported you.
Then your local police will notify you to turn your weapon into them
Or they will come to you.  If you are really concerned check with your local authorities  As I said the VA doesn't have that authority.  (RE)  12/28/19


A3:  "The answer to 1984 is 1776"!  Alex Jones.  "Good Men rot in Filthy Jails and those that cry appease, appease are hung by those they try to please."  (RM)  12/28/19











A4:  The VA has no authority to require you to turn in your guns.  (WP)  12/28/19


A5:  I cannot confirm that running?  (KS)  12/28/19


A6:  The VA can F*** OFF AND DIE!! My weapons are going to stay right where they are, in my armory!  (DD)  12/28/19


A7:  Ridiculous, typical government reaction. New way to start gun control. Let's treat the problem, not diarm them. They have earned the right to keep their arms above any civilian.  (FW)  12/28/19


A8:  I cannot confirm true or false but I've heard rumors for the longest time that the turning in of weapon's was for everyone and not only for PTSD...The VA will wind up doing exactly what the country wants them to do...look how the VA is letting our veterans die by taking eon's to approve ligament claims.. yes we will soon have to fight just to keep our arms.  (KS)  12/28/19


A9:  VA can kiss my A**!  (DK)  12/28/19


A10:  They have no right to do that, I don't care if you have been rated at 100% PTSD , they have no legal right to take away any property that you own. They might suggest that you shouldn't have weapons but that's your legal right to bear arms!  (PC)  12/28/19


A11:  That goes in direct conflict with the US Constatution and the second amendment.  (DF)  12/28/19


A12:   It's unlikely but possible. Any rule making organization can issue any unconstitutional regulation or law they like. That's why we have courts. In any event I would refuse to obey it. I say this as a Nam vet with PTSD disability. And further, a litigation attorney with 35 years' experience.  (RJ)  12/28/19











A13:  I think it's a good program.  I am a veteran I have had three of my friends with PTSD lost to suicide by gun!!  (BG)  12/28/19


A14:  Pure internet propaganda.  (MB)  12/28/19


A15:  Hogwash! The VA is not a gun collection agency. There may be some that that have major psychological disorders they recommend should not own guns, but the VA does not collect guns.  (RD)  12/28/19


A16:  I am a fully accredited Veterans Service Officer, if such was about to happen we would of been told about that. #2.) Only a Court that has adjudicated a person and has ordered such can do so, unless a doctor (in the VA or outside of the VA) has said that you are unable to take care of you financial problems and has deemed you mentally incompetent, then the VA can say you have to turn in your weapons to any family member or that you must sell them. $3.) Quit listening to people who spread rumors, that is all it is a RUMOR and it is bogus. It is started by someone who has nothing better to do than make an uneducated statement.  (AH)  12/28/19


A17:  They can't congresses passed a law in 2009 which states they can't unless your determined by a doctor your unsafe to do so people deployed are protected under the Da2900 form we filled out and da2795 determined by OCAR.  (DV)  12/28/19


A18:  Under the Obama Administration, they were moving to declaring veterans and Social Security recipients who financial agents "incompetent" and requiring them, without due process, to surrender their firearms, but the VA would not have been the agent for, as others have pointed out, the VA has no such authority. This effort died with the election of President Trump and I know of NO efforts by the Trump Administration to head down that dangerous path.  (MC)  12/28/19


A19:  Actually many vets with PTSD have been turned in, believe the last number I hears was well into 2,000. but it depends if your state has red flag laws AND YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RECOURSE. Law enforcement can come and confiscate if the court has sent them. It's the latest from the liberal left on gun control, so be aware THIS IS TRUE.  (LD)  12/28/19











A20:  Trying to take and taking are to different things.  (TA)  12/28/19


A21:  2nd am. rights.  (DP)  12/29/19


A22:  Fake, why would you turn in any guns you have to the VA.
What would they do with them, they have no authority to collect any type of gun.  (AM)  12/29/19


A23:  VA has no authority to take your guns. If they try we can file a class action suit.  That should be done now because gun dealers now have the direct connection to check your VA statis and turn you down on buying a gun.  Thank Obama for that.  (CS)  12/30/19


A24:  I am a Vietnam veteran with PTSD. I was admitted to Dallas VA psycho ward a couple of years ago and it was SUGGESTED that I get rid of guns before release.  (LP)  1/2/20


A25:  Only if the Democrats get control of the government, they had discussed if anyone was receiving SS benefits, they couldn't have guns.  (TR)  3/25/20


A26:  Stop listening to all the BS, unless you have been adjudicated by a judge in a court of law, as being mentally unstable you do not have anything to worry about. It is another FALSE rumor as usual. I am an accredited Veterans Service Officer and have been for 17 years. Nothing has come from VA Central about this.  (AH)  3/25/20