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Q312:  Does Lowe’s still honor it veterans with a 10% discount on all purchase including sale items? 

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A1:  They do but it has stipulations of course. The current policy is available at Lowes.  (DS)  12/6/19


A2:  Yes they do . You have to chill out a form and then they access the discount by your phone number. It's 10%.  (MM)  12/6/19


A3:  Yes Lowes does as well as Home Depot. I use my retired mil ID but you can use a DD214 for it. Home Depot does not advertise they do but will take it. Hope this helps. Best.  (TG)  12/6/19


A4:  As of yesterday, 12/06/2019, they still honor us at the Pensacola, FL, Lowe's stores.  (MO)  12/6/19












A5:  Yes I just got a nice discount on a washing machine from Lowes, in store is easy, on-line most times you get the discount I just did on the washing machine, but last order was a fence, I didn't get the discount that one and only time, they now say some Vets are taking advantage letting their friends use the discount on-line, so Lowes rules keep changing with the times. As of Today you can get the on-line discount and in the store for sure.We served now they serve us a bit.  (BA)  12/6/19


A6:  Yes, Lowes honors Veterans with a 10% discount on all items whether on sale or not. It is easy to register at the store at service desk or online. When checking out you will be asked your phone number which is tied to your discount. You must also show your military/veteran's ID. Producing your ID was initially not required but non veterans were caught trying to use the discount because they knew a veterans phone number.  (ME)  12/6/19


A7:  Yes every day! When you get a "My Lowes" card you also get the discount when shopping online!  (AT)  12/6/19


A8:  Yes, but you now have to show military ID each time you want the discount.  (JK)  12/6/19


A9:  They not only give 10% to you but also your spouse and children. Once you give them proof that you are a veteran, they put you in the computer and from then on you only have to give them your phone number. Home Depot only gives the discount on certain items and you children and spouse can't use it. Lowes gives it on all items.  (JF)  12/6/19


A10:  The Lowe's near me does. No discount on sale items.  (RS)  12/6/19












A11:  They say they will provide you the discount, but only if you fill out an application.  (MH)  12/6/19


A12:  Yes they did for me 10% off item.  (DL)  12/6/19


A13:  You bet! I use it all the time!  (CE)  12/6/19


A14:  10% for items and 5% for sale items.  (KG)  12/8/19


A15:  Yes they do. You can sign up on their web site or show your ID.  (JO)  12/9/19