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Q309:  I recently got rated at 100% service connected.  What steps or hoops do I have to go through to get my wife medical services through the VA?

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A1:  Call your VSO and get all the information needed. Your wife does qualify for Champ VA.  (MH)  11/27/19


A2:  There is a form to fill out to get your wife on CHAMPVA medical. have my wife on it. Look up CHAMPVA at VA.GOV  (WT)  11/27/19


A3:  Just go to your local VA Clinic with your wife, marriage certificate, DD214 and apply for CHAMPVA - you can also look on the VA.Gov website, download the form, complete it and bring that with you. It's not that difficult. Take care.  (RTM)  11/27/19


A4:  There isn't any medical care for your spouse through the VA per say. What is available to the spouse of a 100% disable Veteran is ChampVA. This is a life saver for those who qualify. Under Medicare pay 80% and then the ChampVA pays the other 20% leaving us without paying any copays at all. All you do is submit the ChampVA forms that should have come with your 100% award letter. If not have computer access google ChampVA and print the form mail or fax to Denver Colorado.  (GR)  11/27/19