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640.  Has there been any link or further information with research linking dercums disease to overseas service?

641.  Can anyone help in this matter?

642.  Can anyone explain to me why he would do this?

643.  Do my underlying conditions make me priority eligible for a vaccination shot?

644.  Isn't the VA responsible for all my medical needs?

645.  What is the truth?

646.  Do I have to refile for compensation?

647.  Could this be Gulf War Syndrome?

648.  Can she get compensation for her work from the VA?

649.  Is it true I can receive life insurance at 100%?

650.  Would I be eligible to file an Agent Orange claim having had three prostate related surgeries?

651.  Do I tell the VA he is not my kid or say nothing since he will live with me?

652.  How do I find out my current disability rating?

653.  How do I go about when the time comes being buried in a national cemetery for my wife and myself?

654.  Will it get an automatic review?

655.  Can you claim a rare disease with no known cause?

656.  Does anyone know if u can obtain more than 100% on your VA disability?

657.  How can I get a 20% rating that some friends of mine are getting for just 1 ear?

658.  Should I try again to see if I am now eligible for unemployability?

659.  Now that I’ve had a second heart attack what happens now with my disability rating?

660.  How can I get my records?

661.  How can I collect these funds?

662.  Could I qualify for 100% IU?

663.  Is there any way I can force this guy to finish my claim right away?

664.  What can we do about VA rating system?

665.  I want to know if I qualify for pension benefits even though I collect VA disability compensation?

666.  Is it possible I can get more money?

667.  Does that qualify me for disability assistance from the VA?

668.  How much longer do I have to wait because I would like to open a claim for my service connected disability?

669.  I want to know if I am eligible for VA benefits and to use the VA hospitals for my medical needs?

670.  Why are they not considering burn pits in Vietnam?

671.  Does the VASRD have any bearing on lumbar spine & degenerative arthritis?

672.  How do I get a record of my file pertaining to my claims I filed with the VA for Disability Compensation?

673.  What can I do if my primary care doctor will not assist with a Nexus letter?

674.  Can I get a bigger pension?

675.  Should I submit these claims?

676.  Can I file for SC for this?

677.  I had part of my kidney removed, can I claim it as a disability?

678.  Is this benefit still being considered?

679.  How can I prove my injuries started in the Army?

680.  Is he eligible for any health benefits under the existing rules?

681.  What is the Nexus letter I keep reading about and what is it for?

682.  How can I get money quickly or legal assistance quickly to fight these problems?

683.  What do you think our next steps should be?

684.  Does the VA offer car buying workshops to teach veterans how to buy a car and handle the salesmen?

685.  Is it a highly guarded secret as to how to become a VSO?

686.  Did this change?

687.  I need legal assistance please. Where can I get help?

688.  Any chance of me getting any type compensation from the VA for it?

689.  What are my chances of getting SS disability when I file with SS?

690.  How do I receive compensation for medical bills from the VA?

691.  What do I need to do to get SMC?

692.  What is the process to get reimbursed?

693.  I am at my wits end and need help and advice.

694.  Why isn't any member of congress working on amending the law, CFR 38-3.700, to better serve disabled military veterans?

695.  What is the status of the MAJ Richard Star Act?

696.  Can I receive my Kroger pension, my VA disability compensation and SSDI all at the same time?

697.  Why would VA schedule me for a reevaluation now?

698.  How do I get more money from the VA?

699.  Can I get some kind of compensation from the military or VA for wrongful termination from the Army?

700.  Is it me or are businesses slowly rolling back on veteran discounts?

701.  What direction should I take now?

702.  We have a son in college and would like to know are there any funds or scholarships available for the children of Army veterans?

703.  Can they garnish my VA compensation?

704.  Could that have been the result of exposure from usage of AO used around Andersen's perimeter?

705.  Who do I contact to get more handicap parking spots near the front of the VA hospital?

706.  Is there any assistance available to a veteran in New Jersey?

707.  How can I prove this fact?

708.  Is it necessary that I also keep and pay for a supplemental health insurance and Medicare?

709.  Has Lowe’s and Home Depot cut back on the discounts they used to offer veterans?

710.  Please can someone tell me just how can I get my basic training picture?

711.  Why is travel pay so hard to get?

712.  If hypertension is added would I be entitled to receive back pay from the time my claim was filed but the hypertension was denied?

713.  Is there any way I can request another comp & pen exam?

714.  How can I get my VA loan to be put on the back in of my mortgage so I can get it back to even and not feel as though I will lose my house?

715.  What can I do to get compensation?

716.  Am I entitled to any financial aid?

717.  Will military veterans be able to collect on blood vessels that are clogged and hooked up to the heart?

718.  I was wondering if I qualify for compensation for my surgery?

719.  Am I still eligible for VA health care?

720.  How do I obtain my DD214?

721.  Is that something that Is possible to get?

722.  Is there a remote possibility my audio dysfunction is related to refueling?

723.  Why does it take 15 months to make a decision on my primary doctor’s recommendation for a vehicle due to my disabilities? 

724.  I am 100% service-connected, does anyone know if my VA benefits are transferable to China?

725.  Where should I begin to activate my VA Benefits, i.e. medical/dental/vision, as well to apply for any disability benefits that I may qualify for?

726.  Can I claim all of them as dependents?

727.  Has there been any case law where VA addressed prior cases?

728.  How do I get a copy of my comp & pen exam?

729.  Am I able to draw for Hypothyroidism?

730.  How can I prove I was seeing an outside shrink for two years?

731.  How can I get my claim honored?

732.  Will my rating go down and eliminate my only source for health care?

733.  I get a monthly check from DFAS. Is that considered my pension or my retirement?

734.  Nehmer claims/ copd disease. Can you claim this?

735.  I had my c&p exam on my ptsd. Why are they sending me to another doctor? 

736.  How can I submit for the VA to pay them for their time and assistance?

737.  I would like to know how to recover my outlay for this injury?

738.  Once I start my new job and inform my VSO I’m working, what happens next?

739.  What other options do I have to get these benefits?

740.  When is my wife eligible to receive benefits?

741.  I need hearing aids, am I eligible to participate in program to receive/purchase through VA?

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