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Q327:  I'm getting 30% because the VA covered for one of their doctors.  I lost my leg because of his operating techniques and diabetes. We have not been able to get an increase in benefits. Now I am a double amputee. We have been asking for more benefits. I have also tried to apply for hearing benefits. I worked around jet engines when I was in the service, but no luck their either. My wife is taking care of me and we would like some pay for her doing all this. Is there someone we can connect with that is willing to give us some help?   

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A1:  Contact a Disabled American Veterans (DAV) chapter in your state. Often times, a DAV office is located inskde of the VA Hospital. Inquire with the REP for other recommendations. Hope this helps.  (TW)  12/20/19


A2:  Use a DAV service officer.  (JW)  12/20/19


A3:  I highly recommend you contact a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) such as DAV, etc. The below link is a list of Accredited Representatives?

Please remember- regardless of who represents or assists you in filing your VA compensation claim - you are your own best advocate. I wish you well.  (MM)  12/20/19












A4:  My brother, please seek the help of a dedicated Veterans Service officer (VSO). You may find one at your local DAV chapter, or at a state supported organization like the Texas veterans Commission if you live in Texas. If you were exposed to Agent Orange, then you are entitled for your diabetic amputations and should receive more than 30%. If you worked around jet engines, then you should at least receive 10% for ringing in the ears, tinnitus, and if you have significant hearing loss then it could run from 10% - 100% depending on the amount of hearing loss. Good luck to you and please seek the advice of a good VSO.  (AB)  12/20/19


A5:  Contact your local VSO (veteran service officer). Also, most VFW's and DAV's offer assistance with claims. With the VSO, you should be able to contact the city to find out who it is, and sometimes you'll find out who it is through your VA outpatient clinic or hospital.  (LM)  12/20/19












A6:  Contact your local VSO who should be able to help you. You should not have a problem getting approval for hearing aids, I had a friend that also worked in aviation during his service and he was authorized for aids and a monetary disability rating.  (DB)  12/20/19


A7:  You such been entitle to accousat trauma according to your MOS.
Are you a VN Vet? Because Diabetes is from Agent Orange.  (RG)  12/20/19


A8:  there are bro bono lawyers out there to help you. call the nearest VVA or DAV FOR THAT INFO.  (TF)  12/20/19


A9:  Sorry for all your issues and THANK YOU for your service. I'm a Post Service in Missouri and work through the VFW, they are all great DSO's and work hard to help.  What origination started your claim? If it was not you'll have to fill out a POA so the VFW can speak on your behalf.  St.Louis MO Regional Office;  (314) 253-4470 office,
(314) 523-4162 fax.  (ML)  12/20/19