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Q291:  I am or will be 86 years-old this month.  Do I qualify for property tax exemption or some kind of Tax relief? 

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A1:  I guess it depends on the state where you live. I am in SC, 100% disability and totally exempt from property taxes. Also, when I die my wife will inherit the exemption unless she remarries. Great state, SC.  (JC)  11/17/19


A2:  Age alone, in most states doesn't qualify you. However, SOME states do discount property taxes for seniors/Veterans. I recommend working with a Service officer to see what, and where you can qualify for things. Check with the DAV, VFW, AM Legion, or purple heart organizations for help.  (KD)  11/17/19


A3:  Probably, but it depends. Go see your County Tax Assessor to find out what your State/County requirements are.  (DJ)  11/17/19


A4:  Yes, you qualify for tax relief. Bring your DD-214 and your Honorable Discharge certificate to the Assessors office in your local Town Hall. They will handle the rest for you.  (DM)  11/20/19