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742.  Will this trigger a fiduciary investigation?

743.  Can these issues have been a result of my contact with Agent Orange?

744.  Does Esophagus cancer have anything to do with Agent Orange?
745.  Am I entitled to any disability for this as it is a result of the radiation?

746.  Having refiled the claim, what should be the next step?

747.  If someone could give me advice about this information I would appreciate it?

748.  Why are compensation claims being denied for exposure to Agent Orange while serving in South Korea from 1968 to 1975?

749.  Will V.A. pay me for Nehmer claim also?

750.  Is my mother entitled to receive any of his disability monies, or entitled to any VA benefits?

751.  What should be the effective date?

752.  Would it be worth my time and effort to file a claim for PTSD?

753.  How is a scar a disability? 

754.  How can I be reevaluated for new disabilities?

755.  Do I have to relapse to get VA to acknowledge disability and approve my claim?

756.  Upon my death, what will my wife’s benefits be and how long will it take for her to receive her benefits?

757.  Who do I notify at the VA about being hospitalized in an emergency?

758.  Why haven't I seen Panama on the Agent Orange list?

759.  Why is it that my mileage compensation can't be a direct deposit vs waiting up to more than a month to receive it?

760.  How do I get my late husband into Arlington National Cemetery?

761.  Why do I not deserve benefits?

762.  I’m WW2 veteran with a small do I increase it?

763.  I have prostate cancer do I automatically get compensation for it?

764.  If I pass away will my wife receive my 100%?

765.  Is there any official action that I can take to speed up the process?

766.  How do I get an increase in my 5% pension quickly?

767.  Is there anything that can help me?

768.  Will the VA help with the cost of a hot tub for my therapy?

769.  Will the VA ever recognize us from our fathers exposure to Agent Orange?

770.  What's up with the V.A. testing policies on CBD use?

771.  Is this a hint I have been approved for 100%?

772.  Where do I send additional info for my disability claim?

773.  Is there any compensation to veterans that were vaccinated with anthrax?

774.  I would like to know why my husband's disability check was cut in half?

775.  Am I eligible for compensation?

776.  How can I reach a free lawyer that can help me save my home?

777.  How much compensation does a spouse receive after the death of a veteran?

778.  Why did the VA recoup my military compensation for the 16 years of military service?

779.  I would like to know how to get my disability increased due to the cost of living here [California]?

780.  If a veteran lives abroad and becomes 100 percent disabled can he receive disability compensation from V.A.?

781.  Why am I getting so many C & P exams?

782.  Could I have come in contact with pesticides somewhere during my training and not have known it?

783.  I need help on what to do?

784.  When will the new disability rates be announced?

785.  Are military personnel who only served 2, 3, or 4 yrs, subjected to the UCMJ code if they commit a crime?

786.  How long does it take to get an answer back after you had a video hearing?

787.  I would like to know where I can look to see if the K factor is receiving a cost of living raise this year?

788.  How do I get started in applying for disability compensation?

789.  Are there any benefits for military retirees who want to expedite a passport request?

790.  Does anyone know of anyone that was stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky in 1975?

791.  What is the best way to go about getting an increase?

792.  I was wondering if it was against VA law for me to panhandle?

793.  What happens when VA Health card expires?

794.  Could someone please help me find out what happened to Charles (Chuck) Evans?

795.  Should they file claims just to have them on file or wait?

796.  Are there any benefit programs in New Hampshire similar to Massachusetts Chapter 115?

797.  I need a MRI can I use an emergency clinic, and let the VA know within 72 hours?

798.  Does anyone know of any veterans who had any success at gaining VA compensation for the long term effects of emotional and psychological abuse while in service?

799.  What are some tips that I should know before I do my higher level review?

800.  How do we apply for a SAH grant?

801.  Does anyone know about this?

802.  If you have a 10% disability rating and the chart reads vet only, but he has dependent do they count or not?

803.  Do you know of a way to speed up this matter?

804.  What does "deferred" mean?

805.  What does it take to receive compensation for PTSD?

806.  After my death is my wife entitled to my social security, pension and a portion of my VA disability benefits?

807.  How often will the VA re-evaluate my disabilities?

808.  Wondering who I contact to see if I can increase my SS benefits?

809.  I refused until now but is it too late to file a claim?

810.  I don’t know anyone who could drive me to a job and pick me up so why won’t the VA approve me for IU?

811.  When and if will the VA let me know something?

812.  Where can I get help?

813.  If anyone has a suggestion I really need any guidance desperately and immediately?

814.  Is it possible to get a loan from the VA to help with purchasing a new home?

815.  Please help and advise me of how to go about accomplishing this.

816.  How do I get this added to my evaluation?

817.  Why is this happening?

818.  Does this new policy about service-connected disabled vets using base facilities apply to 0% also?

819.  Now Parkinson has been approved for VA comp, can I go refile his claim?

820.  Why didn't the VA award me 100% since 1976 instead of 1984?

821.  What can I do?

822.  Is there hope that the Appeals Board will see my claim before I die?

823.  How can I get help?

824.  What do I do?

825.  Should I file for that too since I’m already 100%?

826.  Can they still take a part time job?

827.  How do I go about getting help from VA?

828.  Who is accountable for this B.S.?

829.  Can I file for the diabetes and not have it affect my 40%?

830.  Does the (VA) or other groups provide dental care for veterans?

831.  How can I serve again?

832.  Is anything being done for veterans with 90% disability?

833.  Since I am already 100%, is there any point to requesting D II compensation?

834.  I'm 80 years old, should I try and get this changed to 100 percent without the IU or leave it as is?

835.  Does any one have convincing decisions to how to resolve this issue?

836.  What specific areas of Korea was Agent Orange used on from 1968 to 1975?

837.  Am I entitled to more than my small VA income?

838.  Any chance the VA will give emergency funding?

839.  Any direction or information about this?

840:  Am I wasting my time if I put in for PTSD? 

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