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Q314:  I read that sleep apnea can be caused by short amount of sleep over a long time period. Does anyone know if this is true? I came home at age 22 with it. 

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A1:  Came home from nam. I had it so bad and it just gets worse. See a doctor. If your not sleeping and stop breathing in your sleep. That's apnea. If you snore loudly. That's excess ski. In your throat. See a specialist. Now I hadn't had a nights sleep since I enlisted. My room mate got me to try some young living oils. I was amazed. Slept a solid 8 hrs.  Welcome home brother.  (DW)  12/8/19


A2:  Sleep apnea is not new, however the current way of thinking about it is. There could be many reasons for it, knowing for a fact how it affect me. Please review , only one of the study results about sleep apnea:  When a physician looks at your medical history, and finds that your symptoms are such. He will refer you for an SLEEP APNEA STUDY.  (TJ)  12/8/19