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Q342:  I have 90 percent for type two diabetes and neuropathy of arms and legs plus kidney disease due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.  I have been on blood pressure medicine for several years. Can I get rating for the high blood pressure and would it be enough to get me to 100 percent?

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A1:  Hypertension is not on the list for Agent Orange yet. Still waiting for the VA to add it to the list. If your PCP, will state that it is 2ndary to one of your other disabilities you can get compensated for it rather ot will be enough to get 100% is anyone guess, with VA math.  (GR)  1/11/20


A2:  If you are getting 90 percent service connected apply for 10 percent unemployability and best to do it before you are age 70 for then the VA will deny it due to age and being unemployable. Write to your congressman as well. I know of someone that has 70 percent service connected disability and put in for unemployability and is getting paid at 100 percent. Keep all your records and make a list of every doctor, clinic, hospital that you have been seen at and for what conditions. Save all on external hard drive, flash drive and never lose those records in case the VA says they can not find them for they will do that for they did it to me 3 times. Best Of Luck .  (JRM)  1/11/20












A3:   Per the combined ratings list that the VA uses, a vet who is rated at 90% would have to have at least a 50% disability rating added to the 90% for a 95% disability rating, and then the VA would round that out to 100%. Anything less than 50% adds down to the current 90%. For example, lets take your case. Hypertension if it is added to the presumptive list, which at this juncture is not on the list, would possibly give you an added disability rating of 20%, 10% for having high blood pressure and another 10% for taking medication to control it. Per the combined ratings table 90% + 20% = 92% which is then rounded down back to 90%. But 90% + 50% = 95% which is then rounded up to 100%. This is an example on how the VA is cheating veterans by using the combined ratings table which was implemented exactly for that purpose, to cut down on disability and make it harder to receive additional compensation for injuries sustained while serving our country. It is a disgrace and the only way it will change is by all of us to get together and file protests with local veteran's groups.  (AB)  1/12/20