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62.  Does anyone know doctors who perform DBQs's?

63.  Am I covered?

64.  Wondering how much my wife would receive if I died?

65.  How do I go about getting information on my father's Government life insurance policy?

66.  Do I qualify for compensation?

67.  Will there be a cost of living increase for 2019?

68.  Is there any way I can speed up the VA?

69.  Can I get a Will done for free or at a discount?

70.  How do I get my hospital records fixed?

71.  What are the chances VA will lower my rating if I request vehicle allowance?

72.  How long does it take to get granted compensation after a Judge grants it?

73.  Am I still eligible for VA help and benefits?

74.  At 40% disabled, what benefits am I able to receive?

75.  Can hypertension be an additional connection?

76.  What should I do?

77.  Can I get retroactive pay?

78.  Am I entitled to more compensation?

79.  Why is there not a law suit against the manufacturer of Agent Orange?

80.  Please help!

81.  Who do I contact to stop bills?

82.  Is there a way to get my money back?

83.  Is there a way to go to the Philippines without a passport?

84.  Can anyone help us or just my husband?

85.  Will the VA help me with repairs to my house?

86.  Where can I find information in VA regulations about IU money?

87.  Do I get a tax refund due to over payment?

88.  What evidence should I submit to keep my current rating?

89.  Will my wife receive any compensation if I die before her?

90.  I missed my deadline.  Is there anything I can do?

91.  How can I locate military records from closed military installations?

92.  How will I know if am eligible for compensation at 100%?

93.  Can I actually be compensated for my disability?

94.  Does my mother qualify for benefits?

95.  How do I change Power of Attorney?

96.  Since I served in Vietnam do I qualify for benefits?

97.  What is the rule for reissuing back pay?

98.  Will my wife receive benefits?

99.  Will additional disability increase my rating?

100.  What kind of questions should I prepare for at my Law Judge Video Conference?

101.  Would this situation be eligible for a disability?

102.  If jet fuel is the cause of tinnitus would that make me eligible for compensation?

103.  I'm not in the system.  What does that mean?

104.  How do I get health insurance for my daughter?

105.  Why was there a date set for Korean war veterans?

106.  What's the difference from being exposed to harmful chemicals and Vietnam and being exposed to chemicals stateside?

107.  What can we do to get help for new construction?

108.  I was denied compensation forAgent Orange exposure. Who canI get to help me?

109.  How do I get my percentage back?

110.  Why wasn't I approved for SMC?

111.  What's going on here?

112.  Do additional disabilities help get you TDIU?

113.  Can the VA charge me for treatment?

114.  Can I receive compensation for my grandchildren?

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