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Q281:  I have a bunch of emotional problems and need to see a counselor.  I don’t have money to pay for counseling.  I don’t use VA medical, but the guys at my VFW said I can still see a Vet Center counselor.  Some say I can’t without being enrolled in VA health care.  Does anyone know the correct answer?

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A1:  You don't need to be enrolled to use the Vet center, but bring a copy of your DD214.  (MP)  11/12/19


A2:  Find a Disabled American Veterans office near you. They have all the answers and are very helpful and free. If I can help you email me.  (AJ)  11/12/19


A3:  You are a veteran, don't need no money, just enrolled the VA healthcare and from there on then see the doctor etc.
Good luck  (AA)  11/12/19


A4:  You have to be enrolled in the system which takes a mater of minutes but then again it depends where u r location . Give the local VA clinic or hospital a call and ask for registration . hope this helps and good luck.  (SG)  11/12/19


A5:  I'm not trying to be a wise guy and "thank you" for your service. Why don't you call the nearest VA facility and ask them rather than getting an answer from a third party who might not know what they are talking about. Good luck and God Bless.  (AK)  11/12/19


A6:  To see a counselor at the Vet Center you need to get registered with the VA. It doesn't cost you anything and the process is pretty easy. You'll need proof of service like you DD214 and fill out the application. Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for some other benefits. Plus you'll have a nice new ID card.  (ET)  11/12/19












A7:  Yes, bring your DD214 with you to any VA HOSPITAL or Clinic. Tell them your problem. If they feel its warranted they will assist you in your problem, along with that they will sign you up. Signing up is a requirement and it's probably will take 4 to 6 weeks.  (NU)  11/12/19


A8:  Vet center is available to you, without VA registration.  (LE)  11/12/19


A9:  Why are you not enrolled in the VA health system??? Just go to any VA facility and fill out an enrollment form and get an ID card. It costs nothing to do this! When there explain your health needs and that you need help. If at a VA hospital they may see you On the spot. They are the ones that can help. Let me know how you make out. You may be eligible for other benefits. Do it brother , you have earned it....(PC)  11/12/19


A10:  I don't know the answer but you could call your area Vet center and I'm sure they can help you.  (DE)  11/12/19












A11:  Any veteran (with anything other than a dishonorable discharge) may be seen at a Vet Center. It is run separately from the VA Health Care system (two different shops). Stop by the one near you or call for an appointment.  (JD)  11/13/19