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Q313:  The VA psychologist I saw reported I do not have PTSD.  The civilian psychiatrist I am seeing says I have full blown PTSD.  When I submit my claim to the VA for PTSD who carries more weight, the civilian psychiatrist or the VA psychologist? 

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A1:  My civilian doctor diagnosed me with PTSD 10 years ago. But the VA C&P doctors said no. When I went to the board of veterans appeals the judge ruled in favor of my private doctor.  (RN)  12/8/19


A2:  Submit your psychiatrist review on the ptsd DBQ form, as an original claim, using ebenefits.  (JH)  12/8/19


A3:  The VA. In order to have a PTSD claim, you must be diagnosed by a VA Dr. However, your external Dr may have input. Work with a Service Officer from an organization of your choice, but I always recommend one from DAV (disabled American Veterans).  (KD)  12/8/19












A4:  The VA doc. I found out from fighting with the VA for over four years that they call the shots no matter what the civilian doctors say.  (JD)  12/8/19


A5:  I was turn down so many times for hearing by the VA, however, when the VA had me go to civilian Dr. I was approved for 30%. Stay the course.  (MH)  12/8/19


A6:  The VA most definitely. You must have a VA dr. diagnose you with a PTSD diagnosis in order for a claim,and it must be service connected. HOWEVER - your outside Dr. can submit supporting documents. Additionally, you can write a "NEXUS" letter, - a letter stating certain incidents (places and times) that have caused your stressors. I very STRONGLY recommend that you work with a Service officer from an agency of your choosing. I Highly recommend working with a DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Service Officer. It's 100% free of charge, and they know the steps you'll need to take.  (KD)  12/8/19