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Q213:  Why am I being evaluated by VES when I am already receiving VA compensation?  

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A1:  To see if they can verify your disabilities and to see if they can get you to say something so they can take it away. Why else would you see a chiropractor for diabetes, degenerative bone or joint disease. I stopped Metformin on my own and two months later had my six month checkup and my kidney functions had improved. Two weeks later had me in to VES and all they said can you work when I retired at 54 and with all the health conditions getting worse glad I did. But the point is VES to me is a setup by the VA to take away part of your rating if they can find something. If they take away 10 percent for unemployability since at that age I am unemployable they will take it away at 70 most likely. Then I have enough health conditions for they say that all my degenerative bone and joint conditions are not related to my diabetes but my two knees are accepted for degenerative. That and a few other things I will probably sue the VA instead for fed up with their head games. As long as they leave me alone at paid at 100 percent rate will not pursue anything any further and just deal with my conditions for have my outside medical insurance and medicare so covers most of my health needs. I have seen outside doctors in the past and glad I got the second opinion which most should do depending on the severity of the condition. If you say anything to the VES doctor that gives them a point to go after expect them to do so. Kept asking me if I could work and told them the truth if I could sit and stand as needed but do not believe I could last anywhere near the 40 hours a week. My back condition is so severe live in pain even with the low dose morphine but if makes it bearable and still not sure want back surgery for heard bad things about it and the limitations afterwards. Could get worse and the way the VA wants to take away pain medications and expect they will do that as well someday even when I follow my prescribed dosages. Best of Luck and be care at the exam and let your VSO know about it and your congressman as well.  (JRM)  12/4/18