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Q199:  Hello. I am a totally, 100% disabled Vietnam combat veteran and I do not fully understand how the SMC codes work.  I've read thru them and they make no sense.  I have no children, or spouse. I am single, 71 years-old. Using the SMC codes, what is my new rate for 2019? Please do not call, I have no phone at present. Thank you.   

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A1:  Based on your information you probably don't qualify for a MSC code payment.  (JB)  11/29/18


A2:  SMC is a compensation is paid to a veteran who incurred the loss or loss of use of specific organs or extremities. The current VA compensation rates for veterans with a disability rating 10 percent or higher.  Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) | -
I also am a 100% disabled combat veteran, but mine was due to Agent Orange exposure; I did lose my voice box so I don't speak and breathe out of my neck but it is not listed as an Organ i.e. Eye; Leg, Arm under the SMC rules so I do not qualify for SMC that I know of...Hope that helps.  (RM)  11/29/18


A3:  Sir,  Special Monthly Compensation codes vary. Just because you have 100% disability does not mean you even have any SMC. SMC ranges from loss of use to needing care from another person. So, according to the new 2019 ratings your basic 100% rating (without SMC) would be $3057.  (LC)  11/29/18