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Q186:  How do I get signed up so I can use eBenifits?  I tried the website but could not get it to work. 

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A1:  You need see your primary care team. They will get you in eBenefits.  (GT)  11/10/18


A2:  Call 1800-827-1000 and ask them to help you.  (LC)  11/10/18


A3:  Call number A2 gave and get help and write to your congressman to look into it but you should have no problems if you have a VA claim filed. Either way the 800 number will be able to help and if not contact a VSO as well for assistance.  (JRM)  11/11/18


A4:  According to their Outage Calendar, the eBenefits site is down for new accounts until November 13th. So, try again next week after the 13th and register. Website is  (TB)  11/11/18