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Q181:  I am a Vietnam veteran and I am 100% disabled by both the VA and Social Security due to ischemic heart disease.  My friend has provided me a copy of an e-mail sent to him, by you dated Dec 15, 2017 12:51pm that states that we can get a “100% exemption of property tax”.  I am unable to confirm that this applies in Kansas.  Does it indeed apply to Kansas veterans?  

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A1:   I would recommend you check with your county Auditor or Tax Director. You might also check the Kansas Secretary of States office. How about your state/county Veterans Service Officer?  (WD)  11/8/18


A2:  Please contact your local IRS, and then your county for excemption list.  (RM)  11/8/18


A3:  Check with your county Veterans Service Officer and he can provide he answer. Each state is different.  (BL)  11/8/18


A4:  You need to call your local or county property tax office and ask them about veterans exemptions on property taxes.
Hope this helps. Best.  (TG)  11/8/18


A5:  You will have to ask the State of Kansas Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans in Kansas can receive a property tax credit on their primary residence if they are 50% or more disable thru the VA and the exemption amount is determined based on the persons income.  (JY)  11/8/18


A6:  Disabled veterans can claim a homestead refund. Veterans must be Kansas residents, honorably discharged, and certified to have 50 percent or more permanent disability sustained through military actions. Surviving spouses of deceased disabled veterans are also eligible to claim a Homestead refund and remain eligible until such time as they remarry. An original Veterans Disability Determination Letter or Letter from a Regional V.A. that includes the disability date verifying the disability occurred prior to January 1, 2018 and percentage of permanent disability must be filed with the Homestead Refund Claim (K-40H).   Surviving spouse of active duty service members who died in the line of duty are also eligible to claim a Homestead refund and remain eligible until such time as they remarry.  (WR)  11/8/18


A7:  Ur state n local gov must approve, a person must start introducing it to to state n parish law making bodies.  (RB)  11/8/18


A8:   First,I want welcome you home brother,I am also 100% P and T. Its easy to find out.All you have to do is to contact the tax collector in your city or town and ask them if they grant the property deduction for Veterans. If they do,you only have to provide ytour residential address and a note from the VA that you are 100%. Hope this info helps you. GOOD LUCK and feel good!!  (PD)  11/8/18


A9:  You need to go to Kansas Dept of Veterans affairs and ask them. Sorry I only know about Colorado.  (JL)  11/8/18


A10:  Call the Kansas Tax Commission and they will provide you the answer. Also contact Kansas Department of Veterans Affairs and they will tell you what the State offers.  (GH)  7/3/19