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Q205:  Where is the COLA increase for VA Disability compensation scheduled to be implemented 12-1-18?  There has been a lot of announcements and hoopla about VA Comp./Disability/Pension COLA increases as well as SMC increases, all stated to be enacted on Dec.1-2018, yet my VA deposit this month (Dec.) is the same as usual with NO increase.  So where is the increase that was announced and what are the amounts of increase for standard disability ratings? I'm 100% disabled with a SMC code K supplement/addition.  Also, I'm having trouble simply getting the amount of said increases, especially code K numbers, which vaguely allude to or reference code L being "up to, but not more than". That tells me nothing!  Where can I find a simple, concise answer and find out WHEN this increase will actually be implemented? Thanks for any clarity and insights. 

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A1:  It is my understanding the increase will be in the check the next month, January.  (AC)  12/1/18


A2:  December's payment will be made in Jan cola is 2.8%.  (LG)  12/1/18


A3:  The check you received Dec 1 is for the month of November. The compensation for Dec 2018 will be paid on Jan 1, 2019. Ask a service officer about extra compensation under K. They know better than anyone if this has a simple explanation. More than likely, it doesn't.  (TS)  12/1/18


A4:  The pay you just got was for november, the pay raise will show on your next compensation pay, if you have any question you can call 800-827-1000.  (GW)  12/1/18


A5:  The COLA for any given year--2019 in this case--becomes applicable on 01 Dec of the previous year, 2018 in this case. Thus, the first payment that will reflect the increased COLA will be made at the END of December of the previous year, again, 2018 in this case. So, you should see the increase in your VA disability payments with the payment being made on 31 December 2018. Adjustments to SMC also should show up in the 31 Dec 2018 payment. I am unable to answer your questions regarding SMC amounts. Unless there is a change in your status/rating, you should receive an increase of 2.8% to the compensation you have been receiving.  (MC)  12/1/18













A6:  You will not see it till the end of the month or the 1 Jan check.  (RE)  12/1/18


A7:  Effective Date: 12/01/2018. First Paycheck: 12/31/2018.  (FK)  12/1/18


A8:  If it's implemented 12-1-18, you don't get it until 12-30-18! You get paid at the end of the month, not when the month starts! (JB)  12/1/18


A9:  Quick answer is COLA is paid in arears; therefore, Dec. increase is paid in Jan.  (CF)  12/1/18


A10:  Dude-VA pays you in arrears! You'll get it last day of December I the 1st. Probably last day of the month-2.8%.  (PB)  12/1/18


A11:  Increase will be in your January 1st check.  (RG)  12/1/18


A12:  COLA increases implemented on Dec 1 2018 will show up in your Jan 01 2019 check and every month there after, as far as amounts or charts I would also like to know that info.  (BA)  12/1/18


A13:  I saw a couple places where it said Dec 1 and also a couple where it said Dec 31 as far as the COLA. In the past it has always been the end of December. I called my VARO and they said Dec 31st.  (RC)  12/1/18













A14:  VA, like much of the military, doesn't pay for a month in advance - your new rate STARTED 12/1. God bless.  (GP)  12/1/18


A15:  We are always paid the month before, our COLA will be there in January's payment. Probably the 31st.  (SS)  12/1/18


A16:  Thank you all for your replies and information. I actually forgot that we get paid for the PAST month and not in "advance"

....embarrassing oversight on my part.  I did finally find the comp rate (MC) increase in dollar amounts, not just % increase for standard comp. rates and as for SMC rates (K), looks like no increase at all from 2018 rates.  So, thank you all again, I knew fellow vets and staff from this site could get me the answers and I was right.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to you all.  (JB)  12/1/18


A17:   The increase starts this month. You will see it on the Dec 31 deposit. Remember the payment is one month behind. The December payment is for November. Your January payment is for December...that is when you will see the raise. The raise is 2.8%. I have not seen the official pay tables, but just whatever your payment from the VA is...add 2.8% to that and you will know what you are going t get. (GZ)  12/1/18


A18:  The increase will take effect on December 31st.  (TP)  12/1/18


A19:  This will take effect Jan 1 2019.  (TR)  12/1/18


A20:  You will see the increase of benefits starting December 1st payable Dec 31st.  (CW)  12/2/18


A21:  You just got paid for november. Next month i believe.  (HD)  12/2/18


A22:  All increases show on the 31st of December or the 1st of January.  (AP)  12/3/18


A23:   Anything the government pays will be at the last moment not ahead as when you pay your rent or mortgage. It will not show until the end of the month and December just began. So any increase will not show until after Christmas. This is usual.  (JD)  12/3/18


A24:  The 2019 COLA started December 1st. It was sent to Veterans on the 31St. So it has been done...(CS)  1/1/19