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Q209:  On 11/5/18 after years of appeals, I was granted unemployability. I currently am at 90%. Was wondering if this meant I was going to get 100% pay compensation?  

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A1:  Yes. You will be paid at 100% with IU.  You will receive a letter stating this. And a nice deposit.  Thank you for serving.  (KM)  12/2/18


A2:  Yes!! Your percentage will still reflect 90%, but you will be paid the 100% rate. All the best and Congratulations!!  (GZ)  12/2/18


A3:  Yes. I have been paid at 100% since 2011 rated at 80%.  Also you should get back pay to the time you first filed.  (RG)  12/2/18


A4:  To my understanding of you are deemed unemployable then you should be granted 100% in which I you can also file for Social Security or S.S.I.  (VW)  12/2/18













A5:  When you are granted unemployability, you receive the 100% pay rate.  (RC)  12/2/18


A6:  No 90% is 90%. However, now that you are 90% you can make a case for 100% unemployability as there are few full time jobs you can do. But you have to specifically request 100% UI.  (WC)  12/2/18


A7:   Yes.  (MH)  12/2/18


A8:  Yes you will be paid w/100% plus you can apply for retired ID from which Service you where in from the nearest military installation.  (RR)  12/2/18


A9:  Yes, that is the exact same situation as mine. I am rated @ 90% and paid at 100% due to TDIU. It is called a bridge. However, you will have to fill out a questionnaire regarding you income annually.  (SDO)  12/2/18


A10:  It should. It is at the rate of 100% and eye and dental care is also in this. Furthermore, the Wife gets Care also which is called "Champ-VA."  (CS)  1/1/19