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Q201:  I am rated at 100 % disabled.  I applied for VGLI and I was denied for insurance.  The VA said I did not apply within the 2 year window.  My VSO told me to reapply, and so I did.  The VA denied me again.  The VA said I must have a new disability to be considered for insurance.  My VSO put in two claims for me, one for hearing loss and one for ED.  The Comp & Pen doctor said my hearing was not bad enough for a rating and I probably wouldn’t get rated, and he said my ED is too new, so he basically put in his report that I did not have ED.  Subsequently, I was denied for insurance again. I need advice badly. Should I appeal the denial for VGLI?  

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A1:  To be honest with you you can get insurance a lot cheaper than VGLI & with better coverage than VGLI , I suggest that you contact a local agent with a good company even USAA has good insurance coverage or even AARP & forget about VGLI.  (RL)  11/29/18


A2:   It is my understanding you do not need a new disability, just a claim and a denial and a 2 year window and you should be eligible for coverage. I would call all the insurance companies listed on the VA website to get each criteria.  (WR)  11/29/18