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Q202:  I am 100% disabled veteran with a lot of illnesses and injuries from serving in Vietnam.  I used to be in a lot of pain every day until I started smoking marijuana every day.  I don’t trust pharmaceutical drugs.  The VA has killed too many vets with their poisonous drugs, and they don’t work.  I know, I took them for a long time until I was introduced to marijuana.  My question is, if the VA ever gives me a drug test and they detect marijuana in my system will I lose my benefits? 

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A1:  I don't think so or at least I haven't heard about it. I have friends that are permanently disabled who have openly told their doctors that they use marijuana and they still receive their benefits. If you have disabilities for PTSD etc you can just go to a doctor outside the VA at your own costs not that expensive you can obtain a legal card and get prescribed which at that point you definitely don't need to worry. I think it costs like 100 bucks. You just take your medical documents in and get the medical approval. The VA would do it but it's the federal government and they can not by law give patients cards, that's why they don't. I've already talked to a VA psychologist about it and they basically told me that.  (ST)  11/30/18


A2:  I was worried about the same thing. I reside in Pennsylvania where we have a Medical Marijuana program. I enrolled with the state when I was 90%. I have bloodwork done all of the time for sarcoidosis and because I'm one of the few still taking Vicodin for my injuries. I don't smoke it, but I do use oils in capsule form, pain cream that I rub on, and patches (similar to Lidocaine patches, which I also get from the VA. My State also monitors for illicit substances via the VA facility in Wilkes-Barre PA. When I read my medical records in MyHealthyVet it shows positive for the Vicodin and also positive for THC. I haven't had a problem thus far it's been a year now. Additionally I also just had a RAMP review completed for increases. These were awarded as well, now I'm 100% with a five digit award and $2,900 a month. The VA has been told not to harass veterans in states where it is legal. Sessions scared me, but now he's gone too. Congress has renewed a rider with the DOJ not to pursue anyone (Veterans are specifically named) in states where it is legal. Just anyone looking to possible use or continue using. Federal Law always trumps state law. If the agreement drops with the DOJ is not periodically renewed by Congress this could become an issue for the Court's down the road. Hope this helps.  (JH)  11/30/18













A3:  No. I am and addict/alcoholic with a 100% IU. I've tested positive for weed and other pills. Never touched my benefits nor would they. You could test positive for cocaine and they wouldn't stop your benefits. But stay out of jail. Go to jail 3+ months then they will stop your benefits.  (EB)  11/30/18


A4:  I Suffer from PTSD and Currently do not take anything to help manage it. I have a few Friends that are from Canada that are Canadian Vets and there VA is ok with it. Not sure why it such an issue here in the states. On of my buddies his PTSD is so bad that nothing else works from him. He smokes a small amount a day, and it has been helping.  (RH)  11/30/18


A5:  Not at the Seattle VA. When they test you for drugs it is mostly to see that the prescriptions they are giving you are actually in your system. Some scumbags do not use the pain medication at all. They are selling it. When I started using marijuna I told my doctor and 90 days after self medicating with the herb, I was able to cut my pain meds down from 40mg daily to 20mg daily. This pleased my primary care physician, whom I asked to make sure this anecdotal information( that pot slowly eliminates the need for narcotics) was reported throughout the VA system.  (TRK)  11/30/18


A6:  NO. I'm 100% disabled and I smoke everyday as well. I've been 100% for 6 years and they haven't stopped mine. They are more worried with pain meds and addiction. My doctors have strongly recommended I use marijuana.   But I am in California.  (BE)  11/30/18













A7:  First, welcome home. I am also 100%.  I don't believe they will take your 100% away.  What the VA will most likely do is offer you rehab for the smoke you will not be offered any other pain meds until you come up with clean urine, and the if you want go to any pain clinics you will be restricted for any meds that they might offer you. The other option is to go on the outside to see a doc. Hope this helps you out. Good Luck!!  (PD)  11/30/18


A8:   I used Medical Marijuana when I first applied for benefits for PTSD in 2009. I made sure it was put in my medical records as I use it for both PTSD and pain from nerve damage from AO.  (TR)  11/30/18


A9:  Probably Yes... Until the VA approves that for pain, they can always take away the Bennies...(CS)  11/30/18


A10:  No u wont lose your benefit, the VA put a letter out a couple of years ago addressing pot, they told their staff not to use it against a vet in a punitive way...(RE)  11/30/18


A11:   I am a 100% disabled Veteran that tested positive for Marijuana. The only thing that the VA will do is stop giving you narcotics. All other benefits will continue as before. At least in Oklahoma that is where I live.  (JO)  11/30/18


A12:   If you have a medical card it is yours to use.  (LB)  11/30/18


A13:  Judging from the answers so far you should have no problems. From my own past experiences with folks who used marijuana (60's-70's) even if you do have problems you might not worry about them if you smoke enough.  (RM)  12/1/18


A14:  I saw the answer from JH from Pa., and I agree, they will not remove your benefits, but if you also receive pain meds from the VA they will test you and if you show up positive for THC they will NOT renew your prescription for pain meds. I live in Pa., and the Wilkes Barre Va. although Pa., has legalized medical marijuana it is still federally illegal and they will cut your pain meds. I would love to know how JH from Pa. still gets his pain meds from The Wilkes Barre Va, when he tests positive fprmTHC and narcotics since my husband goes to the same VA, has prescribed codiene but tested positive 1 time and they refused his pain meds until he tested clean...(RS)  12/1/18


A15:  No you won't lose your disability. They will take away any opoids prescriptions that you might have been prescribed for you. They will not allow you both I did read that the VA is looking at marijuana as an alternate way to treat pain instead of opiods. That what happened to me when they tested me positive for marijuana.  I live in Mo where they just legalized medical marijuana this fall.  (LL)  12/1/18


A16:  I'm a retired VSO and worked in assisting Veterans for Service-Connected Disabilities for 18 years. I knew of a lot of Veterans who smoked marijuana and some who did Cocaine. I never saw where the VA did anything about Marijuana but did about someone on Cocaine and put him in a Drug Rehab program. The only way your disability is reduced is if your disability improves and if you request to reopen a disability and the Medical Evidence shows the disability has improved. My recommendation was if you are at 100% don't reopen a disability unless you know it will increase by Medical Evidence and will not affect your 100 %. There are disabilities that you can have several 100%s and will get you a SMC Award. Always ask your Veterans Service Officer for advice. The Question about Marijuana is a matter of Federal Laws and State laws that have not been resolved?  (JBG)  12/1/18


A17:   I am 100% P&T with unemployability and I HAVE tested positive for marijuana use on ,y blood screen for the last 2 years. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia. As of late, nothing has happened to my benefits. Just speaking of my experience, so far.   (KG)  1/6/19