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Q193:  Why is there no compensation for children of male veterans exposed to Agent Orange with Poland Syndrome?

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A1:   I would go to see a VSO and write to your congressman to get answers or excuses the VA will give. My children suffer from conditions related to Agent Orange as well but the VA will use excuses that not severe enough or not on the list of ailments. I am lucky that most of them are not severe and medication can take care of it for now and expect even if increases later on the VA will deny, deny and deny. They are government and expect it from them just like some of the veterans caught lying which there are many but the ones being honest the VA probably took movies and edited out where some would be seen suffering from strenuous work or stopping do to a pain spasm. Got to remember the government never expected that so many veterans health conditions would be so bad or be able to claim them so now are telling the VA to find ways to deny and take away part of the ratings to save money at 90 percent and getting 10 percent unemployability if they take away 10 percent unemployability they save almost half they pay out at the 100 percent and they will probably do just that when a veterans turns 70 years of age because your unemployable. So I thought that was what it was for but that is not the mentality of the VA management. Even conditions that the VA doctors say you have the VA does not accept even their own doctors diagnosis. Don't expect that to change any as the years go on expect it to get worse. Best of Luck and just keep fighting that is all you can do. Find the list of conditions online for Children of Agent Orange and Health Conditions and make copies for when claiming it show that on the claim as well and when the VA denies it then write to your congressman and make sure your VSO is doing their job to help you. Don't let the VA say they will help you with your claim for that is one of the biggest lies the VA tells veterans and they believe them.   (JRM)  11/23/18