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Q248:  How do I get a new VSO and change my Power of Attorney?  

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A1:  That is very simple. Choose a new VSO preferably a non profit organization like the DAV, VFW, American Legion, etc. or your state or local county veterans service org. Make an appointment and fill out and sign a new VA Form 21-22 designating your new service org to represent you. Your new VSO will submit it to the VA and VA will withdraw your old VSO and approve your new one. Or you can choose to contact your current VSO and tell them you no longer want them to represent you, get their response in writing and either represent yourself on any new claims or take your time choosing a new VSO as stated above. Either way, VA must be informed of your decision either by phone, on writing or online. Good luck.  (KG)  9/20/19


A2:  Find a VSO you think you can trust to get things accomplish change POA and then provide material to build a claim for you. I am a Accredited VSO with the Vietnam Veterans of America, check us out.  (GR)  9/20/19


A3:  From my experience, I started with the VSO in my county and wasn't given the counsel I really needed. I then went to a neighboring conty VSO and I was able to get the counsel I needed in filling out an initial claim form for disability. I can't guarantee that will work for you, but I know people where I live that did the same thing and switched VSOs.  (JG)  9/20/19


A4:  Is it the individual that you're unhappy with, or the agency? If it's the person, simply ask for someone else in your region. But if it's the agency itself, all you have to do is contact the office - ideally via email so that you have names, numbers, and dates - and state you want to revoke your power of attorney.  However please keep in mind, that even the Service agencies can do so much. The VA will take as much time as they choose, even though the have time limit guidelines.  (KD)  9/20/19


A5:  Go to your nearess VA Reginal office and give them a letter telling them to remove the VSO's power of attorney.  (PM)  9/21/19