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How To Acquire VA Income

Far too many veterans believe they have to be accepted in the Veterans Affairs (VA) medical system to acquire an income (compensation) for a service connected disability. Simply put, this is not true for any veteran who served Honorably in the Armed Forces. All veterans may submit appropriate VA form(s) that will result in a medical evaluation that could possibly determine a service-connected disability and the amount of disability compensation. The evaluations conducted by the VA or QTC will determine if there is a service-connected disability. Assuming a service connected disability has been establishment by the VA, service-connection disability compensation will begin, and the veteran will be automatically set up in the VA medical system and will receive free treatment for the service connected disability.










A surprisingly large number of veterans are unaware they are currently walking around with service-connected disabilities, and as such, should be receiving disability compensation.  For instance, a recent Vietnam veteran had been dealing with issues of irritability, emotional distance from others, anger, marital schism that resulted in the inability to communicate effectively with his spouse, and nagging physical ailments.  At the encouragement of family and friends the veteran reluctantly visited his local Vet Center for a psychological evaluation.  It was determined that the veteran had been suffering from PTSD for decades, and four months later he was service-connected at 70% disability rating.


Death Confirmation Policy

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has implemented a new policy change that affects all veterans.  The VA is currently in the process of updating its procedure to request further confirmation of a veteran’s death before it terminates any and all payments to the veteran.  Basically, the process will now involve more exhaustive confirmation of a veteran’s death before payments are stopped.  For instance, when VA officials believe that a veteran has died, the VA will send a letter to his or her address on file and request confirmation of the death from a surviving family member. If the VA doesn't receive a response from the family — or from a veteran erroneously believed to be dead — only then will the VA terminate payments permanently.











Government Vacation Rewards

Government Vacation Rewards is offering veterans vacation and travel opportunities at special military discounts with a best price match guarantee.  Government Vacation Rewards was created specifically to serve all members of the Armed Forces. Government Vacation Rewards is the fastest growing government and military employees discount travel program in existence.  Call 855-545-5488 for more information.


CBO Considers Compensation Cuts

Recently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) completed a "think tank" report on veterans' disability compensation. The ranking member on the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs asked for this study, which looks in detail at trends and policy options in regard to future veterans' compensation. Though the study looked at many areas, the report was primarily focused on potential ways to save future budget dollars (2018 through 2024) in regard to compensation by modifying current compensation to all veterans.  Listed below are the areas they reviewed:


Limit the time in which a veteran can file an initial claim for service-connection after leaving the military. The CBO looked at five-, 10- and 20-year time frames. As expected, the less time afforded to file a claim resulted in the greatest budgetary savings.

  • Increase VA reexaminations on veterans already service-connected.
  • Relook the standards for declaring something a presumptive condition.
  • Change the rules about individual unemployability in that only those veterans younger than the full social security retirement age will be able to receive this benefit.
  • Relook the rules as to how compensation paymentsare determined for veterans with service-connectedmental disorders.
  • Change cost-of-living adjustments.
  • Eliminate concurrent eeceipt for military retirees. This results in the greatest savings in regard to future VA budget dollars.
  • Tax VA disability payments.


Remember, all of these are ideas have been bantered about for some time. Just because the CBO released this special report does not mean it will become a reality; at the same time, this study was requested by an influential individual who is looking at ways to save future VA budget dollars, regardless of the detriment to veterans and their family members.


COVID-19 Hotline

Did you know Vets4Warriors, has a 24/7 hotline available. The peer support network serves veterans, active duty service members, family members or caregivers?  They provide immediate, free and long-term peer support through confidential telephone, chat, text and email conversations.  Vets4Warriors remains available to address the concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and will connect you to needed resources. No matter the issue, the peer network is prepared to stay connected with you until the issue is resolved.  You can reach them by calling 1-855-838-8255.

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