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Veterans Share How They Won

Sandra Hale, Army Veteran (Continued)

Veterans get free glasses, prosthetic appliances and medical equipment with a prescription from a VA doctor and free or reduced drug prescriptions.


Veterans can file a certified copy of their DD Form 214 at your local courthouse and get free copies.


Military and Veteran discounts. See: 


Don’t forget the Senior Citizen Discounts, some starting at age 55. Check your local businesses for senior citizen day that offers a discount.  I always ask if they have either a senior citizen or veteran discount in stores and restaurants. It doesn’t hurt and it can save you money. I know that Krogers offers 10% Senior Citizen discount on Kroger brand products. You must be 60 years old and get a Krogers card. You can get a Krogers card online at . They now have Organic products. Yeah.














You will need a certified copy of your DD Form 214 for most of these benefits. Go to this website and order yours: You will need an Honorable Discharge, which includes General, Under Honorable Conditions for most of these benefits. If you do not have either of these and would like to apply to upgrade your discharge, you can do it online thru your military branch review board. For the Army, that would be at:













If you were medically discharged from service, you can also have your disability reviewed by a Disability Review Board. For a great website on VA disability and benefit news visit:


Tips for filing VA Disability Compensation:


See if you qualify to use any Expedited Claim, Fast Track Claim, Fully-Developed Claim or Hardship Programs or have pre-qualifying conditions. Use the website directly above for that info and check with your local VA representative or VA website.


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