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Veterans Share How They Won

Sandra Hale, Army Veteran (Continued)

Veterans can get Free Texas State Park Admission: and free annual or lifetime passes: . See if you qualify.


Veterans also can get Hazelwood Act educational assistance. (tuition exemption- See your college veteran representative);


Lowes and Home Depot give a 10% discount (must have a VA hospital ID with service-connected written under your picture or a VA letter of service-connected disability);


Spring Dodge Chrysler Dealership gives a $500.00 discount. I don’t know if that’s still going on;














With the DV (disabled veteran) tag, most government buildings garages give free parking and most theme parks give preferred parking; of course you need the disabled symbol on your tags to park in any handicap parking. This offer differs from place to place, so check first.


Veterans preference for employment. War veterans have preference in employment with government agencies or offices, as well as widows and children of active duty or deceased veterans.


No-Cost or reduced cost Medical Records from any VA hospital or clinic and civilian hospital.


Paid emergency room visit to another hospital. See your VA hospital representative for details.













Annual Clothing Allowance for disabled vets with rigid appliances or qualifying creams. This is one of the VAs best kept secret. They don’t advertise it and the reps themselves don’t know the details. Everyone just points to a government handbook on the subject. I just found out about it and I have started my uphill battle for it. The rules and law on this is so vague, it took me years to research and a lot of trial and error, but I finally figured it out. This is also on appeal with the VA.

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