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Q11:   How can a VA Doctor, a so called pys. can tell you are fine with PTSD and they don't ask you how you cope day to day? They’re dropping my rating and now my depression  is running wild and I can't sleep. I'm worried about my Family. I'm finish with this VA in Atlanta.

A1:  The BA cannot arbitrarily reduce your rating. First they must send you a letter saying they are proposing a reduction in compensation. The VA cannot reduced a rating based on a single exam. You must show significant improvement in your condition over time. I would suggest getting with your Specialist and see if they are willing to write a short report or enter into your progress notes your condition has not improved. This should halt a reduction in rating.  (CP)  4/10/2016


A2:  I provide answer 1 above also, but I want to add that never give up in frustration.  There will be times that you just want to hang it up.  I just got a response today from a DIC that we filed in 2011.  We requested a DRO hearing in 2013 and the letter today said that the VA wanted to tell the widow that they were working on the claim.  (CP)  4/15/2016












A3:  I disagree with asking your Specialist to write anything for you that the VA will accept. Specialist are directed by the VAMC Admin who is directed by the VA, to not place anything in writing that supports a Claim. The VA Rater are told to ignore any written letters from VA Medical Providers when considering a rating anyway. To validate what I just said I had medical examination using the same VA required form by a C&P Examiner (knew me but 20 mins) as well as my VA Primary Care provider (need my medical conditions for years) and the using the same form and procedure for the examination, both were 100 percent different. The C&P examination report was used stating one illness and the VAMC one was ignored supporting I had 9 different. The claim was denied. illnesses justify compensation.  (AM)  6/11/2016  


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