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Q10:   20 years retired.  20% agent orange (in country Vietnam) Who are the BOZO's that pulled that comp away from my retirement check? The catch word is "OFFSET".


A1:  If it is less than 50% disability, they will offset your retirement pay for the amount less You can receive both if over 50%.  (TR) 4/4/2016


A2:  The offset was put in place by Congress. The law has been changed so that anyone above 50% will get concurrent disability and retirement pay. There is another change in the law that is phasing in concurrent disability for everyone else. (AP)  4/4/2016


A3:   I also retired after 20 years E7 USAF.  30% rated for agent orange for Coronary artery disease (CAD) status post percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).  They also took it out of my retired pay.  Check this out Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and Concurrent Retired and Disability Pay (CRDP), go to, or call 1-800-321-1080.  You will need DD FORM 2860, I believe it was 4 pages and has several web sites listed if you need help.  I received retroactive back pay, and the VA doubled my payment, the retired pay is still the same reduced amount I was drawing, the good thing is the VA payment is not taxed.  (RAP)  4/19/2016













A4:  If you have any conditions that are related to Agent Orange exposure and you believe they are then claim them.  Such as type II disbetes which you can have many secondary conditions caused by the diabetes and have them get worse over the years. Some are kidney disease, kidney stones, degenerative bone or joint disease, neuropathy in extremities, back pain, cataracts, etc.  List all the conditions you are suffering and be checked out for them.  You can have it done by the VA or get it done by your outside physician which is how I found out about the diabetes.  The VA is getting to where they can not keep up with the number of veterans and the health demands alone anymore so the quality of the health care by them is deteriorating more and more.  I have had at least three differenent misdiagnoses which could have put me with a catheter and colposcopy bag for the rest of my life.  Neck and spine pain that was told is the same and not any worse as far as condition or pain.  Turns out the outside doctor said they are right it is as bad as it can get but the pain will get worse and eventually you will be crippled or dead from the surgery it would take to just keep you walking. So do see outside doctors if you can to get at least a second opinion before electing any surgery and if able get the surgery done on the outside.  (JRM)  4/30/2016
















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