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Q2:  Does a qualified veteran living in a Veteran's State nursing home continue to receive Aid & Attendance?  He is completely incapacitated physically and mentally.


A1:  If he is in a nursing home why would he receive Aid and Attendance? For what?  (LG)  5/21/2016


A2:  Find a qualified VA accredited representative to help you with the answer to this question and more.....they are trained to help you.  (LG)  8/4/2016


Q3:  I am the widow of Staff Sargent Roger D. Rollings who passed away April 20, 2012. I have had a claim in since then for service connected death. I got a call in Sept. of 2015 from BVA, Jackie Graham, said my case should of been settled in St. Pete, Florida. I live in Florida, my claim got sent to Washington by mistake...go figure! All I want is this to be made right. I was married to my husband 42 years and walked the nightmares with him for years from his good service to our country, now I am left with only memories and how Agent Orange took him from me. I want this claim settled.  It is going on 4 years, any answers will help. I keep getting these stupid letters from Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Newnan Ga. to appease me about a travel board, in my eyes does not exist.












A1:  My experience as a veterans advocate has been 7 years wait on bva. what was the a/o presumptive disease that caused his death?  (JM) 3/23/2016

A2:  The suggestion is to contact your local congressman or senator and explain your situation. You will get an answer within 60 days. Good luck and God Speed.  (PNW) 3/23/2016


A3:  In my experience with the VA I believe that the letters to you from the VA is requesting you to file a VA Form 9 through the Evidence Intake Center in Newnan, Georgia.  THis means that you have sixty days to complete the VA Form 9 and send to Newnan.  The forms that they sent you have information on how the Board of Veterans' Affairs can hear the claim.  One of those choices is to set before the traveling board, another is to have a video-conference, another is to submit everything by paper, and another is to go to Washington DC for a hearing.  Please do not let the claim become final.  Take the letters the VA have sent you to the County Veteran Service Officer in your county and get the VA Form 9 in as soon as you can.  The thing that will determine if you receive the Dependents Indemnity Compensation is what is entered on the Death Certificate of your husband.  If he died of one of the Agent Orange Presumptive Diseases and it is not on the death certificate you can request the coroner to amend the death certificate.  But to do that you will need the medical records that show that the doctor was diagnosed with the presumptive disability.  (Not the VA but the doctor who treated him and a statement from the doctor (if possible) that it is his belief that the Agent Orange disability/disease was a contributing factor to the veteran's death. (CP) 3/27/2016












A4:  Contact your congressman for you will get an answer quicker and knowing the VA will probably make you go thru a BVA Hearing which is a farce.  No matter what evidence you show death certificate as to cause of death and only give the VA copies and get hold of a VSO like VFW for help.  They will drag it out in hopes you will give up and make sure you have the proof of his death was because of Agent Orange and did he have diabetes type II, degenerative bone and joint disease, kidney stones, kidney disease, neuropathy, cataracts, to name a few.  Four years is way too long and even my BVA Hearing took two years and figured it would be decided in the VA favor since the ones doing the hearing and making the decisions are all higher ups for the VA so what do you expect.  If you have the proof maybe a lawsuit would be more in order instead or give the congressman a try and let him know you are considering a lawsuit against the VA and if they do decide in your favor you want back compensation from the date you filed and not a bunch of excuses.  Good Luck for you will need it and help from God to get what you deserve for the VA does really care or they would not put you thru all this when you lost your husband and no sympathy with them.  (JRM)  4/7/2016


A5:  You need to go to a VSO-VETERAN SERVICE OFFICER the are located with the local vets organizations or can instruct you who to see DAV. OR VFW. my choice choose one and let them sort it out and be your mouth piece.  Don't jump from VSO TO VSO stay with the same one, they can put a trader on your claim and check status.  Good luck and God bless.  (TAP)  5/20/2016

A6:  Contact your local congressmen and Senator ASAP. I would also contact a VSO rep to see what they can do to help.  (LG)  5/21/2016


A7:  Go to any one of the local Service Office Offices and explain the problem and ask for help solving it.  (JK)  7/25/2016


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