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Disability Compensation To Be Replaced

December 28, 2023

USVCP Staff Writers


There have been rumors circulating about the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) about potentially replacing disability compensation for service-connected veterans with universal basic income (UBI) due to advances in artificial intelligence (AI).  


While it is true that AI is advancing rapidly and may lead to mass joblessness in some industries, veterans will not be penalized for this. The VA is committed to providing compensation for service-connected disabilities, including lost income due to disabilities.


Furthermore, discussions about UBI for veterans are non-existent. But, it is important to note that any decision regarding UBI would be a long discussion made at a national level.












We understand the concern and confusion surrounding these issues, but we want to assure veterans and their families that VA disability compensation will not be replaced by UBI or any other program. The VA remains dedicated to providing the benefits and support that our veterans have earned through their service to our country.


The notion of supplanting VA disability compensation are false and there are no plans to implement such a program.  This may be nothing more than a rumor gone awry.


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Debra Caine, 4/4/24
My husband served 16years Army drill Sgt and can't even get 100% he is a disabled veteran you have to be half way dead there such be more help for veteran he can't work so it's monthly to monthly to save our home and we needs monthly