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VA Makes Plan To Suspend Compensation Pay

April 6, 2020

USVCP Staff Writers


The entire world is in a state of shock and disbelief about the spread of the dangerous coronavirus.  The world economy has come to a drastic slow down, and veterans around the world are concerned about their financial well-being.  Veterans are feeling unsteady about their ability to take care of their financial obligations and the needs of their family members.


While eligible veterans wait for stimulus checks, some veterans are making plans to spend the extra money.  Others plan to deposit the money in their bank accounts and use as little of the money as possible.  Reason being, there is a rumor floating around many VA medical centers, Vet Centers and CBOCs that veterans will have their VA disability compensation payments put on hold for a few months to offset the cost of the current stimulus package.












We have been bombarded by veterans everywhere asking, “Does the VA plan on stopping my disability check to pay for stimulus payments?”  And, “I heard today that my disability check will be suspended until Americans start paying taxes again.” 

More likely than not, this is an ugly rumor being passed around by nervous veterans.


None of our sources within the VA system have indicated that the VA plans to suspend disability compensation payments.


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Richard Miskanis, 4/7/20
Albert Baca - First Comment on this Post:  You are the WORST!
"It's possible that Trump may try to move appropriated VA funding to pay for the stimulus... That's fear mongering in itself!  Your hatred toward President Trump has been noted.  I'll rest easy knowing that my vote will cancel out yours...Have another FOUR GREAT YEARS!!!


Albert Baca, 4/6/20

First of all, the stimulus package is based on future assumptions. The money is another debt incurred against the deficit. The fed assumes that somehow money will be there when it comes to pay down the deficit. The fed may take from other appropriated programs to offset any deficiency in tax revenue. The Trump Wall is a prime example of that. Trump took from appropriated funds from DoD to finance building the wall. That was a disgrace and our republican led Senate did nothing to stop it. It's possible that Trump may try to move appropriated VA funding to pay for the stimulus, but I doubt that it will come from the VA compensation program. Our vote is our voice and we need to vote for candidates who will protect our VA benefits.











Mark Klouda, 4/6/20

I think this website is sensationalizing to gain viewership and I resent this. Sure, refute the rumor but don't be the perpetuator.


Donald Niemann, 4/6/20

I will not be able to pay my rent if this happens. I am 87, What will my wife and I do for a home?


Clarence Tyler, 4/6/20

I respect every person and comment on this page. This is why we need to vote and understand why you vote. There are many retired veterans and they or we need to run for office and help all veterans who served in the military period. This one way to deal with the system that we are facing and dealing with today. DON'T GET UPSET. Stay focus on the cause at hand. Find retired veteran who would like or thank they might want to run for an office that help veterans. That is how we can beat these problems. Thank you and God Bless everyone on this site.


Chris Sager, 4/6/20

It is my understanding that the VA Comp-Budget for 2020 is paid in two years ahead like every year. This meaning the Compensation money is covered for about two years in advance. Hopefully the Virus problem will be over in a year.  Then, The US Congress should go after China to pay us back for everything.


Deborah King, 4/6/20

This email has just made USVCP staff writers lose credibility. Why start an article to grab attention with RUMORS and end it with contradicting insinuations of "relax" the VA won't do this to veterans. The staff writers of this article are just planting discord and fear rumors. I've lost some respect for opening up any future emails from this group.


John Morgan, 4/6/20

So what's new for the VA kick vets when they have a budget just like them but imagine the big shots still will have their pay checks coming in. Probably get bonus checks for pulling this one and hope that all veterans VSO's join together and file a class action lawsuit against the VA for not only back withheld compensation checks but huge penalties to put them back on their feet enough to buy new homes when then lose everything because of this move. Many have already lost everything due to the virus outbreak and the VA sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of it. I imagine if we have a retirement plan and it is federal that they will do the same with it as well and put us all homeless. I for one will move to the woods legal or not game is now our food source whether have a hunting license or not for will not live in homeless camps in cities that to me is putting me too low.











Stacey Edwards, 4/6/20
Instead of the shocking headline you might want to change it to put my fellow veterans at ease instead of scaring them to open your quasi-article.


John Mooney, 4/6/20
I don't think that even this congress or this president is that stupid. If they did, who would ever serve in their 'all-volunteer' military? In fact, their 'all-volunteer' military might just un-volunteer.


Dwayne Livermore, 4/6/20

Stop spreading stupid rumors. VA official never said this! You really think our President would allow this to happen?