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South Carolina State Benefits

For more information, contact your county and municipal tax offices. The Department of Revenue can be reached by calling 803-898-5482.                                                                                     

Specially Adapted Housing

Provides for the exemption of state, county, and municipal taxes on the residence of veterans who have lost the use of their lower extremities or who have paralysis of one lateral half of the body resulting from injury to the motor centers of the brain.


For more information, contact your county and municipal tax offices. The Department of Revenue can be reached by calling 803-898-5482.


Tax exemption for Compensation, Pension, Disability Retirement Pay, and VA Payments                          
Provides that federal tax exempt moneys received from pension or compensation provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or disability pay from the Armed Forces will not be included in SC tax.
For more information, call 1-800-827-1000.


Recording of Discharges                                            
A certified copy of the recorded discharge may be obtained upon request. Any person desiring a certified copy of any discharge or certificate of lost discharge, may apply to the County Clerk of Court or the County Veterans Affairs Officer in which the discharge or certificate of lost discharge is registered and shall be furnished a certified copy.
Fees for furnishing a certified copy of discharge or DD Form 214 may be established by each County, but may not exceed fifty cents.                                                                                                   











Parking Fee Exemption                                          
Provides for an exemption of municipal parking meter fees when a veteran’s vehicle bears a disabled veteran (“V” tag), Purple Heart or Medal of Honor license plate.  For more information, contact your county and municipal government offices.                                                                         


Marriage, Birth, Death and Divorce Verification

Provides for the verification of marriage, birth, death, and divorce records without cost when such is required by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the S.C. Division of Veterans Affairs, the County Veterans Affairs Offices, or any out of state Veterans Affairs entities.  For more information, call 803-734-0200.


State Veterans Nursing Homes

There are three facilities in South Carolina: the E. Roy Stone Jr., Pavilion, which is located in Columbia, the Richard Michael Campbell Veterans Nursing Home in  Anderson, and the Veterans Victory House in Walterboro.


1.  E. Roy Stone Pavilion - Columbia, SC

803-737-5441 and 803-737-5282


2.  Richard M. Campbell Home - Anderson, SC


3.  Veterans Victory House - Walterboro, SC


Free Tuition Assistance

Provides for free tuition to the children of certain war veterans attending South Carolina state supported colleges and universities as well as state supported post high school technical education institutions. Certain residency requirements apply.  For questions or to apply contact 803-255-4255.                                             












Active Duty Pay Relevant to the South Carolina Department of Revenue and Taxation

Non-resident armed services personnel, who are legal residents of other States, stationed within South Carolina by virtue of military orders are not subject to South Carolina income tax on their service pay.  They are, however, subject to tax on any other income earned in South Carolina by spouses of service personnel.


For more information the Department of Revenue can be reached by calling 803-898-5709 or 803-898-5712.


South Carolina Military Family Relief Fund

The South Carolina Military Family Relief Fund (SCMFRF), signed into law in 2004 by Governor Mark Sanford, provides monetary grants to families of South Carolina National Guard members and South Carolina residents serving in the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve components who were called to active duty as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

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