Those That


Ships Exposed to Agent Orange

Conquest (MSO-488)
Operated on Saigon River during 1962 Entered inland waterway of Qui Nhon Bay on January 29 and February 7-9, 1969.


Cony (DD-508)
Operated on Ganh Rai Bay during November 6-7, 1967.


Cook (APD-130)
Conducted tactical beach surveys with crew members ashore along Vietnam coast during June and July 1966.


Corpus Christi Bay (T-ARVH-1)
Anchored in Cam Ranh Bay from 1966 to 1969 with US Army crew of helicopter repair technicians who went ashore regularly and assisted a Vietnamese orphanage.


Current (ARS-22)
Conducted salvage operations on Saigon River during July 1964 and April 1967 and inland waterway of Qui Nhon Bay during May 1967 and August 1971.


Dahlgren (DLG-12)
Sent motorized whaleboat and captain’s gig ashore while anchored in Da Nang Harbor on June 4, 1967.


De Haven (DD-727)
Operated on Mekong River September 1, 1963 and Saigon River during early March 1967.


Delta (AR-9)
Anchored in Vung Tau Harbor repairing other vessels during July 1969 with deck logs showing that crew members went ashore on liberty leave.


Douglas H. Fox (DD-779)
Operated on Ganh Rai Bay and Rung Sat Special Zone during March 16-20, 1969.












Durham (LKA-114)
Docked to piers at Da Nang during March 20-21, July 20-21, August 18-19, and September 7, 1970.


Eldorado (AGC-11)
Sent crew members ashore for beach party at Cam Ranh Bay during July 1970.


England (DLG-22)
Sent whaleboat ashore from Da Nang Harbor for mission briefings on March 9, 1967 and July 30, 1968.


Enhance (MSO-437)
Entered inland waterway of Qui Nhon Bay repeatedly during October through November 1968 and January through February 1969.


Esteem (MSO-438)
Crew members painted a Vietnamese orphanage while docked at inland Qui Nhon Bay during December 1967 and again during March 1969.


Eversole (DD-789)
Sent motorized whaleboat ashore to Chu Lai from offshore anchorage to transfer two crew members on July 25, 1972.


Excel (MSO-439)
Docked to pier at Cam Ranh Bay July 31, 1967.


Falgout (DE-324)
Entered inland Qui Nhon Bay as part of operation with PCFs interdicting junk traffic during May 1966.