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Ohio State Benefits

High School Diploma

A school district/city board of education may grant a high school diploma to any honorably discharged veteran of WWII, Korean Conflict or Vietnam Conflict. Diplomas may also be awarded to women who left school to join the war effort during these same periods. If a deceased person qualifies for a diploma under this program the award may be issued posthumously.        


Employment Services

Your County Veterans Service Offices can assist you with a multitude of items including helping you with your claims and benefits. They should be your first contact when needing assistance.



As with all veteran benefits, your County Veterans Service Office can assist you with any questions you may have.  


Suicide Prevention Hotline

The Department of Veterans Affairs Health Administration has teamed up with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to ensure that veterans in emotional crisis have access to free 24/7 counseling with trained counselors. To connect to the Veterans Hotline call the Lifeline number (1-800-273-TALK) and press “1.” A chat service is also available by going online.












Contact Information: 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255)                            


Medical Centers

The Veterans Health Administration is home to a large integrated health care system consisting of 153 medical centers, in addition to numerous community-based outpatient clinics, community living centers, Veterans Centers, and domiciliary care. Together, these health care facilities provide comprehensive care to more than 5.5 million veterans each year.                                      


Veterans Health Administration Medical Centers provide a wide range of services including traditional hospital-based services such as surgery, critical care, mental health, orthopedics, pharmacy, radiology and physical therapy. In addition most medical centers offer additional medical and surgical specialty services.


Ohio Cares                    

Ohio Cares is a collaboration of state and local agencies supporting the behavioral health of returning OIF/OEF veterans and their families. The purpose of this program is to enhance the services available for military personnel and their families and to complement the services available through the VA.                               



Transportation to and from VA medical appointments is available through many of Ohio’s 88 County Veterans Service Offices.   


Patriot Program 

The PATRIOT Program is a pro bono program that provides volunteer lawyers and special counsel from the Ohio Attorney General's Office to assist military personnel and their families with various legal issues including exercising their rights under the Service Members Civil Relief Act and the Uniform Services Employment and Re-employment Act of 1994 (USERRA). Legal assistance is available for wills, powers of attorney, and living wills. Reserve & National Guard personnel and their dependents are eligible for this program.                              












Military/Veteran License Plates 
Ohio's Bureau of Motor Vehicles has many military/veteran license plates available to eligible veterans.                        


VA Home Loan Guarantee

Description:  VA home loan guarantees are issued to help eligible servicemembers, veterans, reservists, and unmarried surviving spouses obtain homes, condominiums, residential cooperative housing units, and manufactured home, and to refinance loans.


Ohio Heroes Program

Description:  The Ohio Housing Finance Agency offers all the benefits of their first-time buyer program to Ohio veterans at a ¼% lower interest rate. To be eligible you must be a/an Active Military, Active Reserve, or veteran first-time home buyer who meets the income and sales price requirements and qualifies for the loan requested. Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Health Care Workers, Police Officers, and teachers also qualify.                      

Linked Loan Deposit Program

Veterans receive special preference through Ohio Treasurer Office which provides a two percent interest rate reduction for small business.                                                    


First Time Home Buyer Program

Veterans who may have owned a home during the past three years qualify under OHFA First Time Home Buyer Program.


Medals & Awards
As with all veteran benefits, your County Veterans Service Office can assist you with requesting issuance or replacement of military service medals, decorations and awards.


Military Injury Relief Fund

As with all veteran benefits, your County Veterans Service Office can assist you with any questions you may have.  Applications for this fund may be completed at any of the 88 offices.

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